Healers in the Lighthouse

A Tribute To The Z-VANTÉ Tribe


At the top of every lighthouse is a memorial to my brothers and sisters who died needlessly and stood for everything that was good. Their legacy completed an ancient tribal prophecy. The Z-VANTE' Tribe left a beacon of hope for mankind. They were a gifted people ahead of their time.

When I became a massage therapist I started to say the strangest phrase. I never quite understood why I said it, but, for some reason it was very important that it be said. I still feel those words etched or branded into my being. It is always there. I feel it every day. It is a solid symbol that I carry deep within my being. It is my lifeline and is never to be broken. When I linger on the emotion that is hidden within this space I feel a sadness that is beyond this dimension. It goes back to the story that you are about to read.

The Z-VANTE' Tribe has a history that goes back to central Bosnia during the Neolithic age, 500 BC. Today the area is named Vranduk Fortress; a mountainous area near the city of Zenica. The area was then barren. Ruins from the passage of time and weathering from the climate had carved the mountainous rock into Sanskrit of fine art. At the beginning this was a safe and hidden land for the Z-VANTE' Tribe to find shelter and refuge. They were healers fleeing persecution. No one knew of their existence. Here is their story of survival, love and courage..Here is my interpretations of events as they occurred.

For life to sustain in this environment there had to be a symbiosis between, man, wildlife and nature. The whole was the total of the pieces and each piece respected the other with trust and honor and the belief that each was equal to the other .Men and women did not live together. They had separate caves. The women grew herbs within the walls of the moist rocks while men cultured the minerals from the walls of the caves and made tools and pottery. Oils were pressed for medicinal use from the roots, berries and seeds which was also their diet.

For many years the Z-VANTE Tribe' was isolated from civilization never voyaging too far from home. They connected to no ethnic group nor any warring tribe. They just existed in small settlements with no one knowing quite where they came from. They were an advanced and gifted people much before their time. Their wisdom of geometry was profound which is noted in artifacts found from excavations that go back to medieval time. Their pottery and sculpting are now displayed in museums throughout the Baltic Peninsula.

Children were born and the population of the tribe expanded. Wild animals appeared and offered companionship. Trees and vegetation began to flourish from the fertilized soil. As time moved forward the old generation died off and the painful memories of the past were finally fading away. No one realized how the teachings and spirit of these old souls was going to forever influence the future direction and purpose of the Z-VANTE' Tribe.

The day Queen Emma Lilly passed away was full of sadness...she was the last to go. She had witnessed the persecution yet never talked about it. Everyone had seen the sadness and grieving in her eyes.. It had never left her. Over the years she had been the matriarch of the tribe. A pillar of strength and hope. Everyone loved Queen Emma Lilly. The core of her being was Love and energy radiated from her presence. Knowing that her body was failing she asked the members of the tribe to come and sit with her. She said in her soft loving voice "I have a story my dear sisters and brothers that I would like to share with you. It is about honoring those who came before you and continuing their legacy. Our tribe is blessed and is to be a beacon of hope to all of mankind. My light will be with you always. "Little did anyone know that the prophecy that Queen Emma Lilly saw was "Healers in the Lighthouse".

The tribe sat and listened as Queen Emma Lilly divulged the sacred cannons of the Z-VANTE' Tribe. The sacred book that she had hidden in the cave all these years; the codes, the rituals, the sacred symbols that had been passed down from generation to generation. "You, my brothers and sisters are descendants of an ancient sacred people. Your tribe is blessed. You have much responsibility and will carry much burden upon your shoulders. Always remember nothing is impossible. Live in faith. Love all things. Teach others. Stay together. Always wear black." Queen Emma Lilly then reached into her pocket and brought out an amulet. "This is for you. Do not cry for me. I will always be with you."

It was difficult to not cry when the last of that generation was gone. The tribe felt empty, lonely, lost and confused. Each member grieved in their own way. There was silence, stillness and deep peace around the caves. It was as if time stood still. A flock of birds with huge wings soared in circles above the cave where Queen Emma Lilly had lived and then dove low to the ground as if it was a ritual for the dead. The trees seem to stand in salute. Even the wind was humbled.

D-ANZI' had been given the amulet. It was understood that Queen Emma Lilly wanted a man to guide the tribe. She had felt a man would be an easier transition after her passing. D-ANZI' was her son. While the tribe was grieving D-ANZI' went into seclusion. The heavy load upon his shoulders was fearful and the strength he needed to exhibit to the tribe was overwhelming. D-ANZI' needed to grieve in his own way. In the cave of Queen Emma Lilly. It was now going to be his. He had never been inside. It was sacred. The amulet was the key.

D-ANZI' dropped to his knees when he entered the cave. He sobbed for the loss of his mother. He sobbed for the loss of Queen Emma Lilly. He sobbed when he saw the picture of his little brother who must have been three years old when they killed him...his mother must have been 25 years old then. He saw a picture of his father whom he had never met. His father was a doctor and was killed at the age of 26. What a loss!...what destruction!....what evilness! D-ANZI' could only imagine the sorrow his mother had carried in her heart. No wonder she was so kind and loving; she had seen the other side. Now he was 38 years old. He had no mother. No father. No Queen. No brother. He felt weak and alone. How could this be he asked himself? Things were happening so fast. The tears kept coming as he fell asleep wrapped under his mother's blanket clenching the amulet as if it was her hand.

TIZZLE heard the sobbing and scurried down from the top of the cave and snuggled under the blanket with D-ANZI'. TIZZLE was to be his companion from now on; it had been the companion of Queen Emma Lilly as well. The amulet was now spinning in the palm of his hand. D-ANZI' would wake up in three days. It was the beginning of the prophecy.

Outside, the tribe had gathered. They new that D-ANZI' was in the cave. They held hands and gathered in a circle...something Queen Emma Lilly had always said to do when there was deep meditation. In their mind they connected to D-ANZI' and with their eyes they saw him sitting in the center of the circle. With their heart they channeled love and then they raised their arms up to the sky. They took a deep breath and then in unison lowered their arms to the ground. As they repeated this sacred dance the wind started to blow and the branches started to sway. With their voices they started to chant in rhythm with the wind. It became a wave of energy; the movement of molecules with the intent to empower. As the rain started to fall and ribbons of lightening sparkled like fire crackers in the sky their feet pounded into the earth. This was the dance of the drums. The heartbeat of man in communion with the earth. The vortex...the apex of transformation. THE CHANGING OF THE GUARD. An ancient ritual. The amulet was vibrating. Her color was now yellow.

Inside the cave D-ANZI' was waking up. His hand was very hot and there appeared to be an imprint in his palm. The roof of the cave glittered with white light. He sensed that something was different . Where have I been? Who were those people? Where was I? Where is that place that I went to? He sat on the floor of the cave and tried to sort out his thoughts but instead he went back to sleep. TIZZLE meanwhile climbed up to check out the new roof. The tribe sat outside holding hands. They keep looking at the light shinning from the roof. It glistened like bits of crystal.

TIZZLE was a furry little creature that stumbled upon the tribe 15 years ago. It had injured his foot and the wound was infected. Queen EmmaLilly carried the little creature into her cave, put oils on the wound and placed the little guy in a basket full of leaves and herbs. A heated stone was placed under the foot. Queen Emma Lilly fell in love with the little creature. She would dig up roots near the cave, smash them into pulp, add crushed minerals and then feed the furry guy with her fingers. She fell in love with it...it brought memories of her first baby. The little guy was called TIZZLE because he loved to be tickled on his belly. He would squeak and kick up all four legs and roll in her lap. She would then laugh and tickle his ears and he would squeak even louder his tail curling around her fingers. This would go on for five minutes. Queen Emma Lilly would then hold him close to her chest and dance on the floor of the cave singing songs she remembered. They became un-separable.

D-ANZI' emerged from the cave to meet his tribe. They stood up with pride, respect and love for their new leader. He walked toward the group and wrapped his arms around each member. He was a kind man. He would be a great Chief.
"I thank you for your patience these past three days. In my sleep I have seen many visions. I have traveled to many far away places.
I have much to share with you. We are a strong people and our future is etched in stone. We have much to do." The amulet was in his pocket and it was now the color blue.

D-ANZI' was a gifted child. Queen Emma Lilly adored him. He worshiped her as his mother and as the leader of Z-VANTE'. He understood her position was one of power and was aware that he had to be treated the same as the other members of the tribe. They had wonderful moments together just the two of them and these he treasured in his heart and looked forward to. D-ANZI' felt that time stood still during these moments. As they sat near the fire which they had made in front of her cave he felt the most amazing LOVE. They prepared a meal using the roots and fruits that the tribe had grown. They drank the wine that was made from the berries and together they laughed and talked about the events of the week. Yes, even the tribal members did crazy things. It was all "ok and normal behavior" she would say. And they both would laugh. It was just Mom and Son time. Mom always had the amulet in her pocket or hand. As D-ANZI' dosed off from the wine he would lean over to his mothers' lap and she would stroke his hair. She would talk about whatever came into her mind. It was magical. He would feel the rocking of her body as she connected to a different era. It was as if she was reliving something. He loved it and learned from it. D-ANZI' slept outside as Mom went into her cave. She placed a blanket over him and waved her hands over his body. The "Blessing of Protection and Guidance".

As a child D-ANZI' was loved by everyone. He had an aura around him that would draw people and wildlife to him. He loved to go up to the mountains and look into the horizon wondering what was out there. He felt something beckoning him and the older he got the stronger the calling. It seemed to be alive and talking to him as if it was a "voice" in need. He felt the voice in his heart and sometimes he would burst into tears because the feeling was so "pure", yet, "sad" at the same time. T-ANI' was his best friend. D-ANZI' would carry him on his back as he climbed up the mountain. The two of them were the same age and had much in common.

T-ANI' needed the mountain. It gave him peace and transformation. D-ANZI' new that. When they got to the top D-ANZI' would always say: "T-ANI', you may not be able to walk; however, you have wings to fly with". With that being said T-ANI' would spread out his arms and feel his wings soaring like an eagle. His whole body moved as a wave in the ocean up, down and away. His face would light up as he chanted to every movement and D-ANZI' would dance around him. This was their sacred dance and secret place. T-ANI' needed this time to free himself from the demons that still lingered inside his body. "The Dance of the GOLDEN FEATHER." When his friend got exhausted D-ANZI' would pick him up and carry him down the mountain. He sensed he needed to spend more time with the mountain. It was to be his teacher. His spiritual guide. He quietly cried inside for his friend whose arms were now clenched around his shoulders with total trust that he was safe upon the back of D-ANZI'. They were both 12 years old.

T-ANI' lost the use of his legs when he was less than a year old. His mother had sacrificed herself for the life of her son. She had hidden him under some boxes so he would not be found and had him securely wrapped in a blanket so he would be still. An amulet was placed upon his heart for protection. Emma Lilly found the box two days later. The embers were still eating away at the box. The amulet was vibrating and the color was white. She picked up the baby and blew her breath into his lungs. Her tears fell upon the wounds. "My dear sister" she said as she lifted her eyes: "I will raise your son as if he is mine". With that she fell to her knees. "The boy is alive...Thank you Father." She knew they had to escape if the tribe was to continue. She was 26 years old and was to become the leader of the Z-VANTE' tribe.

The men in the tribe sat around the camp fire. It was hypnotic to watch the flash of flames shooting out of the wood and hearing the crackling of the wood yelling back. It became even more hypnotic when they passed the pipe and drank dandelion juice . This was MAN TIME. D-ANZI' had given M-IYO a project. He was to draw a large wheel in the dirt with spokes radiating from the center. The center was Z-VANTE'. Each man was to focus on the center and see how far away he could comfortably project himself. Mean while D-ANZI' was up at the top of the mountain. ALONE.

D-ANZI' sat on the mountain for many hours looking into the twinkling stars in the sky. ZOY had come to sit with him. He rested his head upon his paws as D-ANZI' stroked his coarse fur. ZOY was an old wolf that had saved D-ANZI' from a bear attack several years ago. D-ANZI' was walking down the mountain and it was darker than he had anticipated. He did not see the baby bear in his path and bumped into it. Out of the bushes came the formidable mother with a deadly launch into his back. He thought for sure he was going to die. ZOY smelled the bear and came racing up the mountain to save his friend. At the top ZOY let out a " fearful howl" a signal for help. D-ANZI' now lay lifeless on the ground with puncture wounds and bleeding. ZOY doctored his wounds as he lay by his side. The other wolves stood guard.. ZOY was the father he had never had.

Queen Emma Lilly had seen a vision before she died. She shared it with D-ANZI'. "I see a circular space with many homes around it. Our people will be protected and never get lost. There is equal length from the center to any part of the circle. The first circle will be close to the center and will have five spokes. Between two spokes a house will be built. The first circle will have five homes. A straight line will connect the base of each spoke creating a triangle with its apex facing Z-VANTE'. The next circle will be 1 1/2 distance from the first. The base of the first triangle will start the next triangle with its apex pointing away from Z-VANTE'. The next circle will be 2 1/2 distance from the one before. It will have five homes as well. Each circle is to double the distance of the one before it. Each home is to be in the center of its triangle. Each home is to be built from bricks shaped as a triangle."
Sacred design. An ancient roadmap." A living polyhedron.

As the tribe grew and time passed by the Z-VANTE' Tribe sensed the need to move south. They felt intrusion and danger in the horizon. D-ANZI' had passed away decades earlier. The settlement had now grown into a fortress with each spiraling pyramid connecting to the other. Self sustaining. A scientific design. A blueprint from the underground tunnels of ants. The expertise of each member contributing an atom to a functioning molecule. As the tribe moved south they left the settlement for future generations to study. They needed open space again with clay and flatness. Qumran near the West Bank. Here is where they would leave the most profound footprints of their culture, life, faith and vision.

A sacred tribe with sacred symbols, sacred words upon sacred land. The portal into space that Queen Emma Lilly described in her writings.
The vision D-ANZI' had at the top of the mountain. A magnetic field that would take them from here to there. The weight of nothingness. The feeling of everything and seeing nothing. The loss of time. The convergence of present, past and future as one. Sensing a divine order with intelligence. The continuity and replica of geometry within different mediums. The science of triangles, motion, cylinders, speed & suction. The pyramids. Their research was etched into the all knowing.

The Scrolls would be their legacy. The completion of an ancient tribal prophecy.

Through time the teachings of the Z-VANTE' Tribe enfolded and permeated through all facets of human existence. Their books revealed their love for mankind and the words of the Lords Prayer. The notes of their music is played in today's churches. The Ten Commandments is the core of ethics and integrity. These people were given an assignment;teach the existing inhabitants the laws of the Creator.

Our Father Which Art in Heaven Hallowed Be Thy Name

The Present


Descendants of the Z-VANTE' Tribe walk among us today. It is amazing how the present carries the past in our DNA. It is a thread of consciousness that opens a portal in the compartments of our brain and brings out our own Book of Knowledge of the past. In 2011 I became a Reiki Master. This was to change my life. For three months I sat and channeled my past life which is written above. I researched everything so it would be accurate. I sat and cried when I was finished. I had connected to the golden box buried in my chest. Now I understood why I have such grieving and deep love for others. And here again at 2016 I am ready to write about the present.

Music opens our consciousness. It taps into the past and present and what our future is to be. Different notes speak their own frequency. Just as all things in nature are drawn "like to like". Such is music and the human body. The notes of music vitalize the body and all living things.The stronger the notes the stronger the walls of the Platonic Solids in bedded within us. Music is geometry and so is the human design. All organs in the human body have a frequency that connects to the frequency of the notes of music. The future of science and the theory of medicine will be based on music in the future. Music takes me there.

When the frequency of music merges with the magnetic fields in the body the protoplasm of the human being changes into a higher awareness.   Without music I would not be able to work as a massage therapist. Music gives life and opens a portal in my hands..  When the frequency of the music is correct the presence of God is felt in my hands. The intent is to empower, heal and channel love into that body that is being treated.  THE POWER OF TOUCH. Yes it is real.. Only a human hand can break the resistance of the skin of another human being. Like to Like.

To be continued....

Torhild Hawkes, Reiki Master Z-VANTE'