The Wisdom of a Sage

The Key and the Master

The Key and the Master
Bring Me a Paraplegic
And I Will See Him Walk

Bring Me a Blind Man
And I will open His Eyes

Bring Me the Unconscious
And He Will Find Reality

Bring Me One in Pain
And it will be erased

Bring Me the Human Body
And I Will Touch Perfection

Tory 9/2007


No Architect Can Compare
To It's Perfect Design
My Spirit Soars
As an Eagle's Wing

As I Listen and
Follow its Whisper
Massage is a Dance

Rhythm and Intent   *****   My Cup Rennet Over
Torhild & Phyllis
My Sister

 Healers in the Lighthouse

The Love of Giving and the Love of Receiving

Healers in the Lighthouse

Visits for the Bedridden

Nothing is more powerful than to bring joy to another human being

To share a smile, a laughter a touch

To walk into the space this person lives within

A portrait of their style, books and family tree


  When a person becomes bedridden the bed becomes their house

The portrait of their style, books and family tree gets lost in sleep and loneliness


With purpose we bring joy and laughter

We are The Healers in the Lighthouse   tory

I Always Cry When I AM Sad

I Always Cry When I Am Sad     
 I Always Cry When Things Go Bad
I Always Cry When Someone Is Mean
I Cry When I Lose My Self-Esteem

I Always Cry When Things Go Wrong
I Know It's Better To Be Strong
But Someone Somehow Did Me Wrong!
Why Can't I Cry When Things Go Wrong?

I Always Cry When I am Sad
I Always Cry When Things Go Bad
I Always Cry When Someone Is Mean
I Cry Because I Lose My Self-Esteem

Why Do People Make Me Sad
I Know It's Better To Be Glad
It's Better To Live and Enjoy the Day
And Ignore the People Whose Intentions Are Bad

People Are Funny Crazy and Weird
Some Have a Hang-Up, a Petty a Grief
They Shout In Anger, Curse in Disbelief
Why Should I Cry When I Don't Have a Beef?

I Always Cry When I Am Sad
I Always Cry When Things Go Bad
I Always Cry When Someone Is Mean
I Cry Because I Lose My Self- Esteem

I Like To Laugh
Have Fun and Cheer
Help Another Who May Be Sad
Let Him Know That He's Not Bad
It's the Other Person Who Made Him Sad


Utopia in the Making

If I Had My Way
I Would Be a Bird I Would See Everything
 I Would Hear Everything

If I Had My Way
I Would Be the Ocean I would be everywhere
I Would Surround Everything

If I Had My Way
I Would Be a Kite I Would Fly Everywhere
I Would See Everything

If I Had My Way
I would be the Air I Would Heal Everyone
I Would Bring Joy to Everyone

If I Had My Way
I Would Be All These Things

I Would Live Forever      I Would Make History      I Would See the Future

I Would Create Utopia

Tory 1998                         

The Artist's Prayer

Creator of the Universe
How Infinite and Astonishing
Are your Words
Thank You
For Your Sacred Art
And Sustaining Presence

Divine Imagination
Forgive My Blindness
Open All My Eyes
Reveal the Light of Touch
Let Original Beauty
Guide My Every Stroke

Universal Creativity
Flow through Me
From My Heart
Through My Mind to My Hand
Infuse My Work with Spirit
To Feed Hungry Souls

The Meaning of the Artist
God is Gracious


If I could be an artist
I would paint the world a Blue
 To say to all the people

I would sing from the highest mountain
For all the birds to hear
That man is here to care for them
And to hold all creatures dear

I would tell all the forest
To reach for the sky
To embrace all of creation
And caress the birds that fly

If I could be an artist
And an artist I AM
I paint what I feel       I paint what I See
I paint because I am Free

Tory Hawkes

Give Me your Hand

Give me your hand and walk with me
Over the land and across the sea
Up to the stars and eternity

A symbol of love, but beating free
And give me your soul, so all can see
That forever shall I share with thee
Our upward climb to serenity.

But most of all, I need your love
To meet the challenges from above
To grow and learn and do my best
For all humanity and the rest

But I need YOU to pass the test.

Tory Hawkes

Faith of the Believer

A Thread
A Yarn
A Weave

A Pattern
A Request

A Border
No End
No Start

A Universe
A Web
A Fabric

The Soul
It's Energy
It's Prayer

It's Purity
It's Belief
The Web of Physics
Makes it real

Tory Hawkes

The Journey of Life

SOMEDAY I will soar like a Bird
An Eagle so sure & full of Purpose

SOMEDAY I will be the Sea
And feel its strength & Knowledge

SOMEDAY I will change a Life
And show a path full of promise

SOMEDAY I will know the Grace
The Prayer for man to end all Suffering

SOMEDAY I will see my Dream
And be the energy I Feel

SOMEDAY you will make a Name
And Be At One with Everything

Tory Hawkes


Surely the Presence of God is in this Place

To want is to have
To have is to be
To be is to feel the Presence
Miracles are when you become the Presence
All living things have the presence of God within
Find that presence
Miracles will happen

Tory Hawkes


 A Squeeze of the Hand Says I Understand
A Firm Handshake Says I Trust
A Touch on the Arm Guides me there
A Touch on the Shoulder Says I Care

Human Touch is Words Untold
Its Power Strong and Clear

No Eyes to See…..No Ears to Hear
The Honestly is There

Touch the Face
And There Will Be
A Soul That Lies Within

Your Eyes Will See
Both Hearts Wil Bind
With The Energy You Find

Tory Hawkes

Butterflies and Angels

Butterflies and Angels

From Above I Blow a Kiss
And Whisper in Your Ear

"With Wings of Beauty
Wings of Grace"

"Days of Sunshine
To Warm Your Face"

"With Rain I Wash Away Your Tears
With Wind I Blow Away Your Fears"

"Love is Eternal…It Was Made That Way
With Wings I Follow You Every Day"

"Upon Your Shoulder I Will Be
A Butterfly "Your Angel" For All to See

Tory Hawkes

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday
May Your Mind Connect To
That Which You Already Know

 May Your Eyes See Your
Past, Present & Future

 May the Power of The
Ocean Open Up Your Ears
To Hear Opportunities

May Your Nose Smell
The Purity, Freshness
And Life Force Which Nature
Has Given

May Your Voice Speak
Softly and With Perception
Of Its Power

This Is the Place
This Is the Time

This Is That
Which  I Have Chosen
For You

                                Tory Hawkes

The Makeup Artist: “Skin Talk on Growing Old”

The Makeup Artist

I touched my client’s skin today it had a lot to say.

“Please ask her to stop “hating” me
She does so every day.”

“I’ve been there through the thick and thin.
I’ve shared her love and pain.”

“I’ve cried a thousand tears of grief.
My eyes may show the strain.”

“I’ve laughed when she was filled with joy.
My lips they never broke.”

“I show the history of her life each gentle loving stroke.
A history that was rich and full
The pages of a book.”

“When you look into the mirror please take a second look.”
A face with no expression is the saddest face of all.
I show the beauty of your life
The memories you recall.”

                                               Tory Hawkes

Beautiful Ocean

  Beautiful Ocean
Beautiful Ocean Talk to Me
Open the Pages of Your Diary
Share With Me Your Deepest Thoughts
Answer My Questions So I Can Understand
Does Man Bring You Joy…What You See With Your Eyes?
Or is the Ocean Filled with Tears of Your Sadness
Is Each Wave A Heavy Burden Difficult to Lift
Is Man’s Destruction Weighting You Down
Talk to Me and I Will Listen
With Honor and Respect I will sit at Your Feet
Teach Me and Share Your Wisdom
The Circle Will Be Complete

                                                            Tory Hawkes

Spizante Woman

Spizante Woman
rom the Depth of my soul
They came from within….


A small seed of Hope
And a flickering Light…


 I needed to grasp them
And hold them tight…


They came as a blessing
To forget that night….


From the warmth of my soul
The roots grew in my sleep…


They grew from my love
And became very deep…


They wrapped around me
And snuggled me tight…


A fortress… A blanket
Was created that night…


My tears diminished
The light shone bright…


It is amazing what can happen during the night

                                        Tory Hawkes
                                                Hurricane Jeanne

Beautiful Mountain Will You Sing To Me

  Beautiful Mountain Will You Sing To Me
I hear the trembling of drums from the floor of your being
I hear the sharpness of the piccolo at the top of your crown
Play me the chords that you know so well
Sing me the songs that you've sung
Let me hear the violin, the cello and the bass
With softness and love I can then see your face

                                                Tory Hawkes

The Stretching Palm Tree

The Stretching Palm Tree
I Went To the Ocean Caught a Beautiful Sight
A Palm Tree Was Stretching With All of its Might

It Showed No Resistance as it Bent in the Wind
I knew it felt Good I Could Feel it within

I couldn’t help but Say a Prayer
I felt I was Blessed Just Standing There

The Palm Tree Was Happy Free and Light
It Had no Muscles That Were Tight

It Bent Over Backwards as Far as it could
I Could Feel the Stretch in Myself Where I Stood

What a Beautiful Stretch so Easy and Free
I Began to Wonder Was it Stretching for me?

Had it Been Waiting for Me Tonight?
Wanting to Show Me I had taught it Right?
Was it Happy to See Me was it telling me so?
Knowing I would Notice This Splendid Show

I Did Notice and Was in Awe
As I Realized the Beauty of What I Saw

Its Body Was Happy, Healthy and Free
Dancing in the Wind In Front of Me 

Who is the Teacher?  Is it you or I?
I Asked as I Gazed into the Sky  

                                                                        Tory Hawkes

The Tree and a Mirror

A Tree Suffers Just as Humans……..The Scars Are Visible Upon its Skin
A Nearby Tree Reaches Out  its Arms...To Console And Give Comfort
Are Trees Like People?  Do They Communicate?
Do They Love and Feel Pain in the Other?
Next Time Reach Out to That Tree with Scars
Loving a Tree is Loving Yourself
   The Tree and a Mirror
                                                                                Tory Hawkes

The Phantom of the Lighthouse

Hello Lighthouse
How Bright You Are
Your Eye So Clear and Sharp
Projecting for Miles for Those in Need
Sweeping the Darkness Away With Your Beam
Everyone Knows You
How Popular You Are!
Your Slender Body Filled with Love & Intent

You Dance Every Night under the Stillness of the Sky
You Waltz Upon the Ocean as the Stars Begin to Fly

One Two Three and Your Eye is Lit
The Composer is Ready and Everyone Must Sit
 Quiet Please Let the Show Begin!
Be Still & Enjoy…He Appears in the Night
The Phantom of the Lighthouse
                                                                                                    Tory Hawkes