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The Spiral & the Human Body

Sacred Geometry September

The Human Body Bio Electro-Magnetic Field Healers & Chakras

Working with the Intelligence within the human body as a massage therapist is the most profound lesson that I have seen and become a tool for. To feel the power within us and  the intent of the Intelligence to keep us balanced IN THE GRID is an internal program in the DNA.  I  became aware of the frequency after 13 years as a massage therapist.  Listening and awareness and understanding its communication takes stillness and focus.  Each one of us has this gift within us.  We are are loved as a community of oneness.

If you wonder what a SPIRAL is look at the fingers and the flowers in the picture above.  All living things in our planet have a spiral movement in its DNA. So do trees, birds, ocean, wind, animals, etc..  The spiral has a negative magnetic field that links us to the sun and moon.  Without it there would be no life on this planet.  While doing massage I sense the spiral soaring around and into the body correcting the restrictions I am working on.  I have never seen nor felt anything so profoundly fascinating.  Some clients feel it. Some do not. I work with this spiral in my treatments. You have to understand the language and not interfere. To be continued...