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MyofasScia Treatment

The Love of Giving and the Love of Receiving

"I have gone to see Tory for two trigger points and treatment and noticed a huge difference after my first.  I have always had shoulder and neck pain and it had recently escalated to headaches.  Tory carefully worked over each problem area as well as full body.  My headache pain has decreased in the last sessions. I look forward to continuing my treatment with Tory." Lethea  L


"Good morning Ann.  Do you feel that the Myofasscia Treatment gives you more resolution for you  muscles?   client  Yes

"Yes, I do feel a little better."I definitely slept better."  Myofasscia Treatment

Jill W
"Hello Tory.  I slept like a log and could do more sleeping. Still a little pain with psoas.  

Robert Soli

"I have been a client of Tory Hawkes for seven years.  Her massage therapy has saved me from back surgery. 
She recently gave me a massage for Myofasscia.   (Google it).  It's a treatment to work on the Myofasscia tissue in the body.  I am a retired police officer and Marine so my body is a bit "beat up" but at 77 years old.   Thanks to Tory.  I have limited pain and feel great.  Give her a try,  Robert Soli 


Teresa l

"Hi Tory thank you.  I'm feeling ok - I slept good.

Dennis E

"Hello Tory, after leaving your shop yesterday felt great, probably all the working that you did.  This morning was good and during the day starting to revert back to its old ways.  The exercises in the shower where pain free. I guess the key is get the area warm and do the exercises. Thanks for the follow."



"Good Monday  Morning Tory:  How are You?  Thank you Very much again for Nice visit & TLC/tx, with Your Healing Personality/Touch.  Beautiful day...ENjoy your week xoo Darlene." 

Lisa G

"Well I went drumming last night and danced a lot.  I feel great. Thank you so much."


"All good, Tory, especially my legs.  Thanks!

Denise W

"I feel fantastic."

Sonia B

"Thank you so much, I slept like a baby, feeling relaxed."

Bill H

"I feel GREAT And my feel way thank you"

Denise W

"No Pain at all...I danced all night at my son wedding!!! Love you."

Nicole M

"I'M feeling sooo relaxed.  My mood is happy.  Answered prayers.  Thank you."

Denise W

"Yes my Tory girl. Slept like a baby you are the best. I have been to three different doctors and nobody could seem to fix. Walk again with no pain she is fantastic. Tory is very knowledgeable  of the body. My problem in my hop. She hit the spot in no time and I'm now able to walk." 

"Yes, Yes, and no soreness...All Better!!!"

Nicole M

"My hips, back & legs feel good.  I do feel a little discomfort in my hip however it's so much better.  i feel like i have more energy & more low feelings are much better as I write this text.  I've been in a funk & it seems to be lifting this afternoon.  I would like you to treat y head & neck before we leave. Thank you for healing me. Xo"

Teresa L
"Thank you so much Tory.  I have gotten some relief to the pain.  I love you-u are a true angel."

Taylor P
"Hi Tory!  Feeling amazing always such a pleasure to be in your presence ..see you soon!"

Sam P
"Good Morning Tory!  I feel good today!  Thank you so much!"

Sam P
"Hey Tory thanks for checking in! I was flying all day yesterday but I feel no soreness at all...but I feel no soreness at all...But I've been exhausted I slept for 15 hours yesterday."

Robert S
"Feel great thanks your the best.  Love Bob"

Lethea L
"Hi Tory!  I feel so much better, no headache so far, thank you.  See u  Saturday ;)"

Darlen W
"Dearest Tory:  Feeling terrific.  Thank you very much for your magical  touch & healing hands.  Most of all appreciate your "Big heart."  Have peaceful prosperous spring time week.  Beautiful weather.  Much love,Darlene."

Pauline M
"Just want you to know that I feel soooo much better today.  A few Zingers but less constant pain.  Moving the leg muscles must be working."

Sonia B
"Thanks for the awesome treatment yesterday.  Feeling great!"

Carmen B
"I am feeling great!!!  Thank you so very much!!!."

Michael S
"Feel great thanks to you.  Will call in next couple of days."

Sherry D
"You are amazing."

Sharen F
"Feeling Great."

Ann D
"Arm is feeling better today.  Thank you.  Much looser."

Denise A
"Hi Tory it's Denisel!  I so enjoyed our session today- you are incredible!  I would also like for you to take a look at my skin and make recommendations for my rosacea, little pimples, etc.."

Carmen B
"Hi Tory: Thank you so much on behalf of my body!  My body feels so renewed and refreshed.  I am thinking this is how my car feels when I take it for a well performed tune up.  Have a good day-ELY"

Lizz S

ked"So much better.  Thank you.  You really worked.                            



                           The Love of giving and the Love of Receiving

This client had extreme migraines for 60 years.  Fell on the floor on the top of her head as a baby.
No Pain All Week...Wonderful !!!!!! I hope it does not come back. Will let you know.

"Day 5 all is well!!! also for the future"

Jill W
"Woohooo  Day 4 and excellent."

Jill W
"Hello sweetie.  Day 3 no headache, not pain.  Woohooo!!!  Yes. I am collecting rocks and blessing them!"

Jill W
"Hi Tory, Woohooo!!!.  I slept 8 hours straight!!!.  No headache for 2 days!.  No neck pain! You are up to something!  I have been on the beach already collecting rocks!!! Thank you.  Love you bunch."

Jill W
"Hi my sweet sister!  Yes!! slept well and no pain!  You are amazing!"


Bill Holton

"I have been going to Tory for a few years now. She has incredible intuition into the needs of her clients.  She has always gone above and beyond  any other masseuse that I've ever gone to.  I'm an energy person, her healing hands transcend the physical into the energy aspects of problem areas.  Sincerely, Bill Horton"

Darlen W
"THANK you VERY much TORY.  Feel GREAT.  Sweet dreams."

Jill W
"Hi Jill.  Are you still having less migraine when you sleep."

"No pain last night or today"

Darlen  W
"Feel sooo much better.  Thank you very much. Your the best.  Yes, nap time.  Beautiful day enjoy.   xx"

Paola J
"I,m feeling better everyday.  Thanks your great. Have a good day."

Caryna N
"Tory I just wanted to thank you SO much for today!!  LOVED seeing you and feeling  better already!! "Good morning sweetie! YES thank you  ANGEL tory!!

Debbie M
"Thank you so much for yesterday.  I am feeling a lot better today."

Anita C
"I feel great! Thank you!"

Taylor P
"Happy New Year!!!  I feel absolutely amazing.  Thank you so much for everything that you do!  Can't wait until our next session".

Jill W
"I feel very well.  Relaxed.  Thank you."

Danny B
"I feel great!  Thanks for asking."

Pauline M
"Still yawing."

Sharon M
"Hi Tory.  What a beautiful beautiful gift.  I thank you so  much for the gift and the beautiful gift.  You're a doll.  I will see you tomorrow."

Pauline M
"I can't believe it!  Just went to church.  Walking in, standing and walking back to car with much less pain and standing straighter."

Samantha P
"You've been on my mind the past couple of days and I just wanted to reach out and extend a very heartfelt  Thank You to you, for helping Tony so much and or course for always helping my mom and the treatment I received from you (although  I was a static ball of nerve energy that day)  you helped me as much too!!  You are truly gifted and i absolutely appreciate and value you and what you do so much!  Hope you're doing wonderful.
Thanks again!  Xoxo"

Tony J
"Sounds awesome thank you very much Tory. I would love and forever have known that I needed that :)"

Denise W
"My lower back feels great thank you so much."

Tonia R
"Thanks so much again Tory! I am drinking my aloe."

Susan S
"Fantastic!! I love you."

Bill H
"I feel good.  It doesn't feel tight."

Alina G
"My skin looks amazing!!!  Thank You!!." A Facial

Ira S
"My neck feels perfect."

Sharon M
"I was very sore the day after, but today feeling better.  My feet felt so good that night, last night they were exploding. Crazy...Have a Peaceful day."

"Much less anxious for sure so something worked its way out!  My lower back still sore but things probably need time to get used to shifting in the right directions! Jaw feels better!  Thanks for everything."

Kim H
"Hi.  Wonderful.  So much less pain it's frightening as afraid it will come back.  Can you schedule Saturday?  You must have been tired."

Ava P
"Hi! Slept well and was quite tired today. No pain, just a little pressure." Migraine

Emily E
"It feels great! Thank you." Facial

Ira S
"Feeling great. Thanks!!!"

"Much better. You are a miracle."

Sincerely Grateful, Tiffany D
Dearest Tory
"What Miraculous treatment!! My second visit was to treat for constant Migraines!!. Tory treated me by working on "Trigger Points" in/on my head. Oh, what a difference. I have now been Migraine and headache free. "PLEASE DON'T GIVE UP!" I had migraines for 16+ years. There is a light and plenty of Hope!! I have been to numerous Doctors, neurologist etc...I have tried medications after medication. No one has been able to help other than take another medication. FINALLY, Tory cared and cares. She worked and researched to help me and for that I am so appreciative! My husband and children are so happy. Tory has made a world of difference for me and my family. Sometimes some TLC, knowledge of what the body needs and non-medical treatments are the best.!! Tory definitely provides the "Best." The aloe plant soaking and special treatments she has knowledge of is just out of this world amazing!!! Migraine sufferers remember HOPE and Tory working on "Trigger Points" are the way to go!! Thank you"

Sherry D
"I feel great."

Dawn R
"I had not pain in my hip or back this morning a new my allergies were much better. Feeling energized today. i can't wait til you work on aligning my back!"

Kathy L
"Omg, amazingly better. Even was able to sit cross legged on my pillow today! Thx so much."

Sharen Falsetti & Robert Soli
"Another Amazing experience with Tory Hawkes...A Body Guru. Tory understands the body thoroughly and addresses your concerns with the up most knowledge & experience. As I stand on my feet at work, this is an area for me that is most important. I tell her she "gives me new feet" every time I visit. She showered me with "Aloe" for healing and Body Absorption; It was very effective... I can't say enough wonderful things about what she can do for your Body. You just have to try her. My husband is also an avid follower of Tory. She has relieved back, neck & groin pain he has been living with for awhile that has resulted in him cancelling surgery. Again...Do your Body a Favor & call her."

Sharen F
"Awesome thanks."

Tiffany D
"Thank you from the bottom of my heart! You have a true gift of healing! The hands of an Angel. My abdominal region and back have been hurting for years. Since my visit with you I feel "normal" again. My whole energy has changed. I feel great thanks to you and your knowledge of the human body and healing! I can not Thank You enough! You are a loving individual with a "special gift of healing". Simply amazing!

Bill H
"I feel very good! Thank you!!"

Darlen W
"Slept Good. Thank you again for Great Ts. Enjoy Your Week. xoooDarlen

Ed Gruvman
"Dearest Tory: Just to let you know that my discomfort level went from a 7 or 8 down to a 2 or 3. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Whatever you did, it worked great!" Ed

Debby B
"Thank you Tory! It was great. Still have some discomfort but I'm much more relaxed!!!."

Lizzy H
"Hi Tory. It's all good. Your a miracle worker. Thank You."

Lauren L
"Thank you for the amazing experience. You are wonderful!"
"Hi Tory Lauren is feeling great thank you!"

Denise W
"Thank you!! I felt great...the next day I lost count on how many times I had to urinate!!" Manual Lymphatic Drainage Massage

Caroline L
"Complete. Satisfaction with my whole body. No Pain."

Cybelr J
"Liked all from sit bones up to neck."

Darlen W
"Dearest Tory: Appreciate your healing hands & TLC/Friendship. Thank you very much. Much love,Darlene."

Lisa S
"Hi Tory. Just wanted to tell you I feel better than I have in a long time. Minimal pain in my arm. Thank you!"

Luna P
"Yes, and you are my hero as each day has been good."

Bonnie F
"I have had chronic neck & back pain for well over 3 years now. I have been seeing Tory now for over 2 months or so and she has done some amazing clinical massage on me. The most recent massage included an aloe plant. She brushed on water and rubbed the aloe plant all over my body releasing acid toxins from my body and managed to untangle my muscles with the hands of an angel. She is dedicated to making you feel better and thoughtfully cares. I feel blessed to have found her...my tight muscles to give me amazing relief. I would like to highly recommend her to anyone who thinks they are at loss finding any relief. She is a true healer."

Sharen F
"My feet fee great." Used Aloe vera on muscles

Denise W
"Omg!! I feel AMAZING!!!" Uses Aloe vera on muscles

Nicole M
"I've been meaning to text you. I feel super duper terrific. You are my healing angel. I'll text you when surgery is over.xxx"

Susan S
"Loved seeing you! I feel hopeful more space, solid in my legs for the first time, neck much better. I am excited to continue. Today's catch, my jaws are relaxed for the first time ever. i believe the head work we did had to do with forceps used during birth. Compression. My colon and intestines are taking advantage of the extra space. You are magic."

Hi Tory
"This morning I felt unbelievable good! But after a 45 minute drive the pain was back, not so severe, and not pain down my leg. The end of my work day I was hurting again. I'm resting now and next week I will take it easy. Thanks Tory, everything was great last night." E

Bill H
"I feel great!! Thank you! Happy Mother's Day!"

Ann D
"Neck and shoulder feel great today. You'r awesome."

Donald C
"I want to thank you for the great sessions you gave me. I feel good today with no pain. I will return the pad tomorrow."

Janice T
"Funny you texted this morning. I had the rare pleasure of staying in bed this morning :). I just was thinking of you and how relaxed I feel then I checked my phone and found your nice message. Yes my legs and feet feel so good-not tight but truly relaxed. Thank you."

Ann D
"Much better thank you foot feels great".

"Psoas better. Tightness across back like wham I left yesterday. Using heating pad on belly. Definitely better. Just have to stretch and get over soreness. Big knot in right hip gone."

"Tory is amazing. I had a pain in my foot for months. She did research and pinpointed the issue and really worked to find and resolve the problem. I highly recommend Tory because she really cares about making you feel better."

"My upper back and shoulders feel amazing. Only very slight pain in my back thighs. Usual cramps overnight. Thx. Miss u already.

Marilyn E
"Had a great night sleep. Woke up at 3 AM with a huge sweating spell (almost felt like I broke a fever). Back 80% better. Just a little tight but I could bend!

Pauline Marron
"Dear Tory. In a little over 2 months, you have made a huge impact on my quality of life! For approximately 4 years, I have suffered with muscle and back pain. Over a year ago, I was diagnosed with scoliosis, stenosis and spondylolisthesis and walked with a decidedly crooked posture. My spine looked like a question mark and I could not walk more than 5 minutes without sharp pains generating from my back through my legs. I went to 6 weeks of physical therapy which helped but after a year of religiously following the exercise program, all progress was lost. You were referred to y by a friend who experienced amazing relief from back pain. I was desperate and wanted to avoid surgery.

You listened, relentlessly searched for, and executed ways to help me. You taught me so much about my nerves, muscles and skeleton. But most of all you have brought me relief that I hardly dreamed of. I would estimate that 60% of my spine is straight again and that I am pain free roughly 80% of the time.I recently went to Disney world and was able to walk 4 to 6 miles a day relatively pain free.

You even offered advice and abundant documents for family members when you knew you probably wold never have them as clients. I doubt that I could ever find another Clinical Massage Therapist as capable, generous, caring and genuine as you. i have mixed emotions about leaving your care to return to my home in the North. But because you have taught me so much about trigger points, reflexology, Chinese Medicine, infrared therapy and more. i feel confident I can continue to progress until I can return to your exceptional care. Even more, I will share this knowledge with my friends and family. So until we meet again I will look forward to communicating with you from afar and more importantly, call you my mentor and friend.

With love and gratitude, Paul Marron April 2017

Virginia B
"Good morning. I feel fabulous today. Thank you so much and I will keep in touch."

Pauline M
"Back straighter. Less Pain."

Robert S
"Feel great thank you." "The whole treatment. I feel Great".

Ed Gruvman
"My whole family has been coming to Tory for at least 16 years. She's been a godsend and priceless." Senior Partner Nutrition Smart

Pauline M
"Just finished our first day in Disney. Right now I've walked 11,500 steps which is more than I've done in close to one year. Thanks to you I hardly had any pain today. Thank you, thank you, thank you."
"Sorry it's so late but wanted you to know I finished my second day at Disney relatively pain free at 12,800 steps (5.5 miles!!!)"

Lizz S
"Feel great. Thanks so much."

Ruth S Facial Testimonial
"My Skin feels better than it has in weeks. Using the Sea Weed and Aloe."

John M
"Absolutely feel more open and jaw more relaxed. You are the best."

Pauline M
"Absolutely. You always do."

Susan L
"I feel lighter. lol. My neck is noticeably less tight and my head seems clearer cognitively. You'r the best."

Jill N
"We feel good. Thanks!"

Ann D
"It feels better I can definitely tell a difference and breathing much better too thank you."

Angela B
"I'm feeling much better, thank you Tory".

Robert S
"Feeling good no pain thank you. I cancelled the spin dr thanks again."

Cindy F
"Got rings on. Don't feel so swollen".

Bonny F
"Absolutely Great".

Tania R
"I felt (and still do) GREAT!"

Bonnie F
"All things are good today?" Tory "Yes, thank you!!! Cxxxxoi000." BF

Janice T
"Refreshed & Renewed. Thank You."

Jill N
"I feel good. Taller. thanks!"

Sarah K
"Thank you so much - my right side feels so much more open & mobile! My chest & breath too. Looking forward to visiting you again soon! Thank you!"

Tania R
"Slept like a new born baby." Hit the bed at 7:30 PM record & slept until 5:30 AM. Hope you caught up too."

Karen CM
"I must say I am amazed how good I feel after one session with Tory Hawkes! After suffering for five years and seeing five different doctors, I finally believe the problem has been solved. Tory worked on me for over two hours, used Frankincense Oil and Infrared heat plus her amazing hands and and told me it was my psoas muscle and ileocecal valve that was causing me my problems. Hallelujah finally somebody who knows the body, truly an angel. Look forward to my next appointment. If you have a body issue or an undiagnosed problem, it would serve you well to make an appointment with Tory. So thankful my friend told me about her, wish I new her 15 years ago."

Joan F
"Thank you for your follow up call and concerns. I look forward to my next appointment."

Tania R
"Slept like a baby. I feel great. Never any pain!"

Angela B
"Hi Tory I'm feeling good today, thanks for all great work you did to me yesterday, xo"

Donna K
"Good Morning Tory! Just wanted to let you know I am doing much better today thank you!"

Denise W
"Feel fantastic today thank you for all your hard work."

Tim B
"Feeling Great. Back held up for golf today. Thanks, Tory"

Kathy L
"So good. I'm headed to yoga."

Tania R
"Much better. The feet especially. Working yesterday was a breeze." xxx

"Tory thank you for healing my bodies dysfunctions.Your hands heal me so I call you "my friend the healer". You are a teacher & student. As my body presents "new tight spots" you study the body to relieve my discomfort & heal me. I say "my heart is full of gratitude for your continuing love & focus to make me feel lengthened, looser, flexible & great posture." I always feel excellent when I get off the massage table. Thank you Tory xxx"

Suleka F
"I feel great, no not sore at all, thank you again, you as well."

Debbie M
"During my massage today Tory started to work on my feet and particularly my toes. It was a combination of reflexology and massage. During this part of my treatment I felt a sense of calmness on relaxation come over me especially around my head and face. I would like to try this treatment again or may do a reflexology session. Tory is areal expert in her field and is very caring and really wants to help her clients to feel the best they can."

Nicole M
"Everything feels terrific!! I have to tell you something so sweet at the dinner last night during our blessing. Dennis thanked God for you and your care for me! Filling my heart with love. Thank you my sister."

"Thanks Tory. Great massage today!!! I feel wonderful and relaxed xo xoxo"

Cary L
"Back and neck feels great."

Jane N
"Thanks a billion for today!"

Sherry D
"Thanks for the great massage. Just what I wanted and needed. xo"

Liz S
"I feel wonderful. No pain."

Robert S
"Feeling good today. Thank you."

Cary L
"Feeling. Thank you."

Bill H
"I feel good! A little sore but my knee doesn't hurt".

Cary L
"The pinch is still there, but, I feel a lot better. Got a good night sleep and even worked out this morning."

Jim F
"Hi Tory. Yes the pillow is great. Definitively helps me get better sleep."

Bill H
"I'm feeling great. I slept for 10 hours. Thank you!"

Jennifer P Facial Testimonial
"Looks beautiful."

Debbie M
"I am feeling a lot looser range of motion is almost there left side of neck still gets stuck but getting much better. Thanks, Tory we are almost there."

Jan T
"Excellent! Thank you so much, Tory!!"

Kathy L
"Yes yes yes! I am so blessed to have you fix me!" Thx

Bill H
"I'm feeling good today. Thank you again."

"Million bucks". Thanks

Pat T
"Good morning. i feel that the pain is a bit less this morning. Planning to be very careful and give it healing time. Thank you for your healing work!"

Norman R
"Thanks I feel so much better."

Bob S
"Back is good some pain in groin."

Luna P
"Hip feels ok still a bit numb but not as bad. My neck feels great and back is a bit sore still but that's my norm."

Sherry D
"Loved the massage. Very relaxing. Thanks Tory." XXX

Kathy L
"Thank you for taking time for me last night. I really appreciated you allowing room for me! Feeling blessed"

Rob Soli
"Feel great thank you."

Debby M
"I have suffered from a neck and shoulder probably for quite some time. I had very restricted movement in my neck and a lot of tightness in my shoulder which caused me discomfort during the day and also made sleeping difficult. i had several PT treatments but the discomfort was still there. The ice, heat and exercises I was given didn't help. After a few treatments with Tory i am in much less pain in my range of motion is much greater. Tory works on the body as one piece and everything is connected. She started at the feet and worked all the way up working on legs, hips, back, ribs and all the way up to the shoulders and neck. Tory is so knowledgeable and is truly is the best at her profession. I know feel wonderful and am pain free".

Pat T
"I can look straight up at the sky with no tension in my neck feels wonderful."

Tish A
"Hi Tory. Wanted to go to PT before texting you. She said I'm much more flexible." XX

Pat T
"I feel much lighter and looser but the shoulder pain persists. Thank you so much!"

Kathy L
"I was just thinking to myself how wonderful I feel this morning. I don't always feel this way after a massage, but this time is good. I was very wigged out when I got there (outside of my self), I was kind of worried, so much better. Thanks again...see you soon."

Mari H
"I'm feeling great today. The extra fluid has diminished. I feel lighter and move much easier. I feel more relaxed and open, all of the tightness is gone. Thank you so much for yur time yesterday. It's greatly appreciated." xxxx

"Breathing, neck great today! Very relaxed after massage."

Terri R
"I want you to know that I felt less hard and quite calm after my massage last night. i felt like the tightness and pressure was taken away."

Bill H
"I much better, my core isn't tight. And my shoulder isn't hurting. Thank you!"

Heather C
"Hi Tory! Wonderful to meet you too. I'm a little sore today, but, I feel great. Thank you very much!!!"

Kathy L
"Amazing. Thanks for everything."

Tania R
"Feeling great! Thank you Tory :)"

Victoria G
"I slept really well & I feel amazing. Thank you."

Judy C
"Low back is good this morning. Thank you."

Taryn L
"I truly believe everyone has a spiritual gift. Some of us take years to discover what it is. while others are blessed with it early on. Tory's gift of healing is undeniable the instant you are in her presence. I came to Tory with complaints of a persistent headache and neck pain. I had become extremely flexed in my posture. My shoulders elevated and protracted, my neck flexed and protruded and my midline contracted. What I didn't realize, is how it was limiting my lung expansion. After cherished time under Tory's care, I felt all my muscle fibers were elongated, my muscles relaxed, my posture more open and increased oxygenation through my body. Thank you for resetting my body."

Ann D
"My left foot feels better and my neck feels better. I am breathing better too! Thank You!!"

Betty L
"The're good slept good no cramps thank you."

Cindy C
"Feel pretty good still neck was best it has been in ages. Wonderful meeting you too."

Taryn L
"I cannot thank you enough for your time and energy. You are such a blessing and a true gift with your healing touch.xxx"

Victoria G
"I have had two appointments with Tory. She is far more than a massage therapist and she goes above and beyond what is expected in a traditional massage. Tory truly cares about her clients wellness and works on their mind, body and soul. The evening after my first appointment with her I had amazing dreams of success and woke up feeling refreshed and ready to take on the world. i couldn't wait for my next appointment. The second appointment she gave special attention to my legs. They were very tight and I felt extremely heavy. I walked out of the appointment feeling light as a feather. I highly recommend Tory and Fassage for spiritual healing as well as physical."

Kathy L
"So much better. Thank you".

"I feel so much better I can't thank you enough. Tory...you have such a talent & such a gift from God. I will look forward to you helping me to make me feel better and to live a much healthier life!"

Ron Cummings
"Just arrived back in New Your. XXX Thank you again for everything you did to me."

"Big difference. All good!"

Judy C
"I Tory. It's truly amazing my sciatica is resting, no more pain. Thank you so much for sharing your gift with me. I am looking forward to a wonderful friendship with you!"

Bill H
"I 'm sore, but, I feel good".

Marta G
"Yes, my stomach was calm & I could breath all night. I slept like a baby." "Everything feels great except the gas and bloating. Other than that I feel so much better. You are a doll and a life saver."

Jayne N
"My back is better as well as my neck. My left side really gave me a pain. Better now!XXX. Thanks again."

Greg M
"Awesome! Thank you."

"i feel loose. I released toxic energy that was holding me in a pain pattern. Favor the music with muscle release."

Debbie M
"I am feeling a lot better today with a lot less restrictions on the left side. Thank you."

Chante L
"Of course, as you believe in me!! Who else could I have such an unbelievable unwinding with." You 're truly gifted."

Tania R
"Feeling Good. I slept like a baby!!!XXXX"

Darlene W
"Thank you very much Tory. Neck & Brain feels so much better. xxx" "Thank you for your healing hands. Better than a drink."

Mari H
"I feel much more relaxed. Like everything is in sync."

Shannon R
"Good, no headache. Thank you so much. And i love the makeup...Love".

Bob Soli
"I would like to express my deepest gratitude to you. After my session with you the groin and back pain has subsided considerably. i am looking forward to future treatments by you in hopes that I may avoid surgery and continue in a pain free path. Your sure know the body in detail and how to treat it. Thank you so much."

"All feels good. Tory, legs lighter. Thanks!"

John M
"Thank you for a wonderful massage."

Dave W
"The back feels better. Thanks so much."

Bob S
"Hi Tory, thank you feel good."

Lucy G
"I feel no stiffness and relaxed."

Chante L
"Hi Tory what an incredible healing session we had today! Here is my testimonial for you: Tory encompasses the whole body, mind and spirit connection in her body work. In my session with Tory I experienced myoskeletal & myofascia release as well as enlightenment. I carried a bundle of pain 40 years after being hit by a car, and after my session, I experienced pain relief, increased movement and expansion, and an inner connection with myself. Tory is a gifted practitioner and I would highly recommend her services."

Jayne N
"Just moving around now feel better for sure.!!" XXX

Sam T
"Back and spine feel great!"." Wow Tory, I am truly blessed to have you in my life. Thank you for everything."

Ed G
"I feel great Tory! Thank you so much for asking".

Mary M
"Feeling good today. Thank you."

Bill H
"Very good, not tight like before. My shoulder feels awesome! Thank you so much!."

"Feel fantastic... fabulous massage thank you."

Terri R
"Feet are fab...love it when you do them! Neck and shoulders feel good...feeling good all over. Only because of YOU Tory!!! Thank you, again!!!!"

"I had a great night and had to fast and give blood this morning and feeling wonderful. No stomach issues at all. Many many thanks!!!"

"I feel great today"

"I was having pain in my right foot and ankle which was causing discomfort when I tried to do my daily two mile walk. I was confident that with Tory's knowledge she would find what was causing my pain & correct the problem. i was right. Tory worked the whole foot starting at my big toe following the muscles along the foot into the calf and up to the knee. i have learned from Tory that everything in the body is connected & you have to work the body as a whole. You cannot just work where you feel the pain. I have been a client of Tory's for quite some time. i am very impressed with her knowledge. She is continuously learning & dedicated to her profession helping her clients be pain free. She is a wonderful & caring person."

"Seems to have loosened up quite a bit in the shoulder and neck. Thanks!" ""All good! Legs and feet awesome too."

"Hi Tory. Foot is feeling a lot better. thanks so much for helping me with my issues can't thank you enough"

"Love you Tory!! Good!!!!"

Terri R
"Great Tory. I really needed it last night. A little headache this am. But that's the norm for me."

Caryna Nina
"Awww!! You are so sweet!! I love you and ALWAYS recommend YOU as you ARE THE BEST!!. A TRUE HEALER!! You totally saved me and my back!!"

"Moving in the right direction. Less pain."

Tania R
"Yes, Yes!. Definitely a difference. Very little discomfort so far this week.:)))"

Elizabeth S Facial Testimonial
"Tory is very knowledgeable and generous with her time. She uses only natural ingredients in her facial treatments. i was very pleased with the results. My skin was clean and smooth after one treatment. Having a massage by Tory is an experience not to be missed. She hits all the spots and gets out the knots. She asks what hurts and where. She makes sure I'm kept warm with blankets and hot compresses which add to the comfort of the whole experience. The space she works in is calming and very relaxing. Good Energy!"

John M
"Hi, my back feels absolutely fabulous...excellent job".

"WOW! Last night was the best treatment EVER!! Tory, you worked a new technique on me that was amazing. It involved the hips and you explained how this technique would help tremendously. Since we've been working together, you have lifted me body & soul. Your intention to help is so powerful that I feel that even the wind that wafts through the room is blessed with your wishes. Today I feel the biggest shift ever. I'm standing straighter, my legs don't ache and my low back feels as thought it is able to move with ease. As always., I am so appreciate the love that you pour into me and I'm so hopeful about the future... LOVE YOU!!! YOU mean so much to ME

Joan P
"Hey Tory. Just wanted to let you know i had a good day today. i did all my usual activities was even on the computer for quite a while and now I'm cooking dinner! I still have the pain but it is about half as much. i even feel a little straighter. Thank you so much. I'm really excited."

Sahodra B
"I have known Tory for more than 10 years. Believe it or not my visits to her over the past 10 years were merely for shaping my brows. I knew all along that she did more than waxing brows and had a reputation as an excellent massage therapist. I never felt that I needed a massage of any sort until last week when I felt an extreme stiffness on my left shoulder. I made an appointment with Tory for a massage. it was the first time I ever had a massage. Although Tory indicated that I might feel a little sore the next day, it was the opposite. I felt very, very relaxed and the outcome was like night and day. The stiffness was gone. Tory was also considerate towards working with me and my affordability. She knows that I am not working and did not charge me for the full 3 hours. I believe that the pain in my neck was more important to her than the payment for her service. She likes what she does and does it from her heart! Needless to say I did not have to go back for the sessions because I felt better the first time."

Rob Flaherty
"I have had recurring neck and shoulder pain since suffering a herniated disk injury while playing college football. I had begrudgingly lived with lingering pain as I did not want to undergo the invasive surgery that was recommended as a proposed solution. Finding the therapeutic massage services offered by Tory Hawkes has greatly enhanced my well-being and the quality of my life. Tory's techniques and skill have vastly reduced the pain I used to suffer through on a day-to-day basis. I not longer suffer from pinched nerves and the mobility in my neck and shoulder has also been restored. I have been a loyal customer of Tory's for nearly 10 years and I greatly look forward to my monthly massage sessions. I enthusiastically recommend Tory as she is a great professional and a wonderful person."

Kathy Link
"It has been 6 weeks since my injury to my foot. A hematoma was the diagnosis. Although it was slowly healing I was getting so frustrated with the constant swelling by days end. Your in depth work on my foot and legs has given me an amazing relief. I can tell I'm going to have to add activity, slowly; it is an amazing difference since I saw you. I can't thank you enough for your dedication and patients to work through things like this. I was told if it had not gotten better the doctor would need to drain it. Thanks for saving me from all that!!" "Fantastic! I can't thank you enough."

Terri R
"Neck feels great today!!! Thank You, Tory"

"My neck does feel different today. Like there is more extension at the upper cervical vertebrae. You do very good work."

Terri R
"I feel sooo ......much better today. Thank you, again, Tory!"

"A great overall feeling that is hard to put into words."

"Hi Tory. Feet and legs and back feel great. left side of neck has good range of movement. Right side of neck and shoulder still tight and a bit restricted but feel quite good really." Thanks D

Sam T
"Tory thanks again for everything. I feel amazing!"

Ken P
"Feeling great today . No knee pain last night and neck is much better. Thank you!!! You are awesome :)"

Kathy L
"Simply amazing. You are the best RX I have filled in years. Namaste (I bow to you)".

Shannon S. Rothell
"I had an Anterior Spinal Infusion several years ago. Granted the surgery did relieve the majority of the pain, but, not all. For the last 2 years I could not keep my posture straight as if my back was too weak to support my frame. I had a constant pain in my shoulder area on both sides. Tory performed the neuromuscular massage on me and immediately after I felt taller. The next day I woke up and did not realize at first that I could sit straight and felt I could easily support my body. The pain in my shoulders also was gone. It is 5 days later and I still feel taller and I am not slumping. It is such a blessing to wake up and not have the pain. Thank you so much!"

Richard S
"Legs of a 20 year old. Thanks talk later"

Shannon R
"Oh Thank You. When I came home last night I was not able to go to sleep until 2:30 AM. When Noah (cat) woke me up a little until 6 my feet didn't hurt, but now my back and feet hurt, not as bad. But, oh my gosh, my posture is super straight, better than any time before... so that "neuromuscular massage" is great for me. I want to do it again. Thank you so much? On a scale of 10 my neck is 0, feet 5. I have not had my posture like this in at least 2 years. Your magic!!!"

Lindsay Z Facial Testimonial
"Feeling and looking great! You are the best."

Emily Edwards Facial Testimonial
"My skin feels awesome!! It looks wonderful too. I love the fact that I get to escape from life for 2 hours and come out with radiant skin! You are a miracle worker." xxoo

"After I left your place about an hour later both arms and hands went very numb for about an hour. Then all numbness went away. Yesterday was great!"

Deborah W
"Certain people walk the earth to heal body, heart and soul. You are one of those people. There is more love & compassion in your heart and hands that it is unfathomable. Cranial Sacral work, I now understand, is a sacred art. When the head is compressed so is the entire functioning of the body. I am humbled by how you used your inspired talents to unravel years and years of trauma & compression to allow new "space" so that pain can be released. I can't thank you enough for being so passionate about wanting to make a difference to each and every person that you touch with hope, skill and love! Thank you soooooooooooooooooooxo xoxoxo You Mean so much to Me."

Karen Russo
"I have been going to Tory for years. Tory gives the best facials and massage. Upon my last visit Tory mentioned that she didn't think I was breathing properly. I dismissed this notion as I believed I had no issue with breathing. Tory asked me to focus on instructing my body to respond to her hands. I did. In my head during the entire treatment, I was telling my body to allow Tory's hands to heal it. IT WORKED! After treatment my body purged itself of fluids and my sinuses opened as well as my throat. I WAS having breathing issues but didn't realize it. My body is getting the oxygen it needs now and I have so much more energy and I feel so much better. I have battled fatigue for years and I was blaming my Hashimoto's disease and I just accepted that I was going to have to live my life being tired all the time. There is no doubt in my mind that Tory has a gift when it comes to healing. Tory is able to communicate with your body and has in depth understand of how it works. Tory has changed my life. I am so happy and excited about my future now more than ever because I feel good. I don't feel tired everyday anymore."

Kathy L
"This is for anyone with sinus issues. I developed a severe tooth ache suddenly on a business trip. Upon my return the next day and being proactive, I was able to slide in the same day to see my favorite dentist, Dr. Ricci. Fearing the worst (root canal) he gently tested my teeth and gums and said it was not tooth related. Thankfully. But he did suggest I see an ENT (ear, nose & throat) for a better look at what was causing this severe pain. I made it to the ENT who barely examined me and did a scan. He had a scientific name for it , but, basically I had a clogged sinus and would need draining through a scope. I thought that was a bit aggressive as I am a bit skittish about any procedures that are probing. So, before pulling that trigger, I made an appointment with Tory, who has helped me with various other aches and pains. When I made the appointment she asked all the details and when I arrived the next day she was ready to get this sinus drained. She worked gently and patiently for almost 3 hours. She was able to slowly drain the sinus without that invasive scope the DR. wanted me to do. The jury is out as far as if it will refill, but, I feel 200% better today. My sinus and ears have not felt this clear and open in months and I am so relieved I have no pressure in my face today. I strongly recommend an appointment with Tory before any sinus procedure."

Larry S
"I felt absolutely incredible last night. I feel good today...great progress on spur of hip...walked better...played tennis...played well...better sense of balance."

"I feel absolutely wonderful. It's amazing how good you make me feel. Your touch is so absolutely incredible."

"Thank you! Good! You definitely fixed the link.??" (neck

David L
"Very Good! I have a lot more mobility. Still have some slight pain in the spine but it's much, much better." "Tory. Still feeling amazing since our session. Thank you again".

"Yes! I feel very loose!! You truly are amazing, Tory". "You are truly the BEST ever!!".

Ann J
"I feel great! I had some incredible soreness last night but I used my deep relief roller before bead and that did the trick! You're so right. I'm much more open now!!! Thank you so much???"

"I have been going to Fassage for about three years now. It's amazing how Reiki and a combination Fassage has helped me tremendously in my life. Just recently Fassage offered the method of Sacred Geometry. I have to tell you it was fantastic. I could feel the energy in my body moving in a clockwise direction it was amazingly relaxing. I felt wonderful after receiving this treatment. I would highly recommend this treatment to anyone who wants to get in touch with their inner spiritual energy"

Greg M
"Tory, amazing! Thank you very much. Will see you again soon."

"I feel so much lighter as far as my arms go. No numbness right now at all. I have a busy prep day so I will let you know how I feel after the work day :). Thank you for everything."

"Good morning Tory: I must tell you that when I woke up this morning my low back felt the best it ever felt. On a scale of discomfort of almost at 90, my low back feels at 20. I feel like a new person. What ever you did yesterday worked beautifully!! Thank you so, so much. You are the best!!"

Karen Russo Facial Testimonial
"Thank you again for your marvelous facial. Since I have been coming to you I have been receiving numerous compliments on my skin...people can not believe that I am 50 and I have been accused of having a facelift! It is such a treat coming to your beautiful, peaceful place. I appreciate your professionalism in knowing exactly how to take care of my skin."

"I have been a client of Tory's for quite sometime. She has worked tirelessly at correcting problems I have had for many years with my neck shoulders and back. Today during my massage I felt so good while Tory was working on me. I could sense that we were almost where we needed to be with my body relaxed and loose instead of tight and pulling I often feel. Emotionally today I felt so happy and relaxed that I told Tory I felt I had died and gone to heaven right there on the massage table. it was a wonderful feeling. Now I can be on a maintenance program with regular massages and stretches. I want to feel this way forever. Tory is just wonderful, very caring and so knowledgeable about the human body and her profession. My body feels quiet and much less agitated. Things don't bother me so much when I am not in pain."

"I have always dreamed of finding a medical intuitive who could look deep into my spirit and discover what is blocking my good. Tory is the real deal! She was able to tell me things that I intuitively know. I am sure that Tory is guided by the highest vibration known to man. I can say this with confidence because some healers do their job. Others are guided by a love so strong that it can change the trajectory of our lives. Tory used a technique called Phi on me. No matter what we call it on the physical plane, it can only be described as the all knowing hands of supreme love. I feel humbled and honored to have found such a masterful healer right in our midst. Thank you Tory for giving us hope and the possibility to once again live pain free! YOU mean so much to ME."

Shannon Rothell Facial Testimonial
"I have been a client of Tory Hawkes for 6 years. Today as usual I had an absolutely euphoric facial. Tory is amazing! Just when you think it couldn't get any better, it does! She is constantly learning and using new techniques. As a part of the facial, she also works on your neck and feet. While working on my feet my whole body was "pulsing" from the new "Sacred Geometry" technique she used. It felt so wonderful. Not only did my face look 5 years younger and brighter, but, my body and mind was relaxed. There is no other like Tory. She is the best.there are no comparisons with Tory and her magical touch."

Sonia Bunch
"Thank you so much Tory, I feel great. I slept like a baby. My shoulders and back feel relaxed. At work all I did was to share my wonderful experience with my clients and referred them to you. Thank you."

"The moment you step foot in Fassage and you are welcomed by Tory you know you are about to have a wonderful therapy experience. Tory is so knowledgeable about the human body and her main concern is to have her clients feel their very best. In order for this to happen more than one session is recommended. My neck had caused me a lot of pain over many years. My neck was tight,range of motion was limited and pain at the back of my head was constant. After several treatments from Tory I am pain free and can move my neck and even sleep better. I am able to relax as I am not always worried about the pain in my neck."

"Back feels good, especially that one side. Shoulder good too!"

Susan Meyers
"Tory Hawkes is special, a seasoned and true gift to her profession. Tory's understanding of the anatomy of the human body, passion for wellness, and ability to engage the life forces within us and around us contribute to an amazing therapeutic experience. Time with Tory is magical. You'll find yourself returning for more."

Kenny P
"Tory I feel fantastic!!!!. I can bend my knee so much better now with minimal pain and I was sitting in the recliner and noticed my leg wasn't twisted to the left it was straight!!!. Thank you so much!!!"

Kenny P
"Hi Tory. I hope you're having a great Fourth of July. I just wanted to say thank you. I don't know what you did to me but I feel incredibly awesome last few days so happy and joyful. I really don't know why except it's because of you!!! It's like nothing good has happened but you must've released some chemicals in my body. I haven't felt like this in years and years and not sure if I ever felt this much joy. I feel like great things are going to be happening to me not to mention my knee. I've been sleeping throughout the nights not waking to pain to reposition my knee so it doesn't hurt. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you." You're my new Best friend!!! :)"

"I feel great. Thanks. You're the best. Slept like a baby. xx??"

Ken A
"Thank you Tory for seeing me . I feel unbelievable both my body and my attitude. I'm like very happy!!". Bentley says thanks for the hug."

"I have not felt this good in God knows!!! Thank you!!!"

Paul C
Dear Friends,
"I hope this finds you doing well with happiness and good health! I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for introducing me to Tory Hawkes, clinical massage therapist at Fassage. As you know I'm 82 now and don't exercise the way I should. I shared with you that I was having decreased range of motion and pain in my lower and upper back extending down the outside of my upper legs. It was affecting my sleep pattern as well as back pain when I un-loaded the dishwasher and other tasks that required bending over. I had four straight weekly sessions with Tory, then several more every two weeks. Now I am only returning once a month for a wonderful full body deep tissue massage. Well let me tell you Tory's professional skills have brought me a lot of relief as she applied deep tissue massage to my back and legs. There is no question that she knows what she is doing. My range of motion, such as standing from a sitting or prone position is greatly improved, and yes it is much easier to empty the dishwasher! Friends, I thank you again and will highly recommend and pass on to others Fassage and Tory. Take care and I hope to see you this winter."

"I started seeing Tory recently with the hope of getting relief from a progressive immune disorder called Generalized Morphea, a type of Scleroderma. This results in an increase of production of collagen and thickening of the skin. in my case the thickening was in different areas of my body. Tory has been working on the side of my body, under my arms and down to the hips. After only five sessions the thickening is almost gone and the skin is supple and my mobility increased by 90%! I have been to many therapists in an effort to help with this condition. I am amazed that we have come so far in such a short period of time! Thank you Tory for your very special and unique approach to healing!"

"I have been going to Tory for several months mainly to have problem feet worked on. As a clinical massage therapist, she understands the connection between the feet and the diaphragm. She has an uncanny way of feeling the changes in the muscles and how working the foot can open up the system virtually from head to toe. In these months, my feet and my ankles have become less bothersome and I am able to walk better today. The problem started some years ago when I experienced venous disease, which created a circulation problem and swelling. An operation was successful, however the doctor said that i had a deeper vein deficiency, which could not be treated. Tory found a way to get to the root of the problem and has helped considerably. Very little swelling exists today and the feet don't hurt constantly as before. Although there is still circulation problem, weekly massages have relieved the situation."

"I've had problems with my legs for quite some time due to years of playing sports. While Tory was working on the bottom of my feet i felt immediate relief to my entire muscle system. i could actually feel my diaphragm expand and contract with each touch of her hands...my breathing improved dramatically allowing more oxygen to my entire body and accelerate my body's own healing mechanisms. I've committed to regular treatments from Tory. She's magic and keeps me going in my sporting activities at a much higher level than before her treatments. I would highly recommend Tory's services to anyone who wants to maintain a healthy active life style."

"What's ironic to me is that the result of a very physical treatment can bring me such emotional tranquility. My body feels integrated and I feel grateful, relaxed and unified. My posture is immediately better. Thanks you."

"That was Sooo sweet and nice Tory!! You always have kind words of wisdom and encouragement for me and I appreciate all you do for me.. Thank you for being uplifting at a time like this for me in my life!! Love you, Tory !! XoXo"

"I have been a weekly client at Fassage for almost two years and can honestly say Tory has been such a blessing in my life. Her knowledge of the human body and her healing touch has helped me in so many ways."

Jill K.
"Walking in to Tory's studio is like standing in front of a mirror - my current 'state' is reflected back to me. Sometimes I feel like a tight ball of rubber bands, sometimes a looser one. Either way, Tory is able to unfold the layers and bring me to a state of utter physical and emotional transformation. Allowing my body to guide her, she unblocks its energy. i'm very grateful to have found her."

"I slept like a baby, just took the dog for a walk. Feel good, my body still tingles. You're the best. Thanks."

Lani Click
"Thanks so much for your extraordinary healing work on me. I feel like a new person. My legs feel stronger & more grounded. My breathing feels like the air is allowing me more clarity and space. I feel more relaxed too. You are amazing! Love & blessings, Lani".

Karin F
"Good morning Tory I thank you for all your energy. I have never felt so much energy at one time. I did ground myself this morning. I'm feeling light headed and i feel peaceful. My neck area is clear no pain in the head or neck this morning. I feel the music. Love, Karin"

"It was a pleasure to meet you as well. I am feeling wonderful today...probably the best I have felt in a long time...a lot more relaxed and less stress."

Taryn L
"I am well educated in the anatomy of the body, yet I often neglect to rejuvenate its function. I have had the blessing of knowing Tory for nearly 14 years now. Her aura radiates positivity & her touch achieves healing. I most recently came to Tory due to a persistent radiating head pain & pressure. I sought her solace before getting a doctor's opinion. I feel her holistic approaches are exactly what the body craves. It's not always the diagnosing & medicating that is key, but listening to your body & the healing power of touch. Needless to say, I was not only alleviated of this pain after her treatment, but was refreshed mentally & physically. I recommend Tory beyond all others. Her presence & her gift of healing are therapeutic."

Patricia P
"Hi Tory, I played golf on Thurs. i have no pain in my groin. I can't express the joy, positive joy that I felt being in the sunshine and doing an activity. I have to tell you that Wed. night I felt as if I took several naps, not a full nights sleep. if you were experiencing any of what was happening, I can tell you that I was traveling in my dreams, but it was by train, the older trains. So many people, family members, dead and alive. Just a very happy group of people getting on and getting off the trains going to who knows where. The other thing that I dreamt of was birds, all kinds of beautiful birds flying and mostly circling around. It was a beautiful sight. I was rested when I awoke, and the first thing I experienced was the smell of eucalyptus. Strange right? Thank you for everything. have a joyful day!"

"After almost three years now of working with Reiki I am beginning to experience incredible awakenings in my body. There has been a release of blocks that have stored up for many years. I have been feeling energy surges that run from the base of my spine to the top of my head. This release of energy is beyond words. I recommend Reiki to anyone who wants to experience this divine energy."

"You are an amazing clinician and so knowledgeable in your craft! You are extremely cognizant of the body from the top of my head to the bottom of my feet and so skilled to identify the core problem from the inside-out. My job can be challenging but I never knew the amount of tension that I was carrying in my neck until my very first massage 01/14/15. Your hands relaxed the knots in my jawline, throat and neck; and I have slept soundly since and feel fabulous!!!"

Caryna Nina
"I just want to email you and thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping to heal my sciatic and back pain! Clearly going to 2 chiropractors did not help, as a matter of fact made matters worse to some extreme! After 3 months of extreme pain, to the point of tears, I was going to give up until a friend told me about you and I came to see you! You have changed my life and I can go about my normal day once again! You were SO in tuned with my body, my pain and where the root of the pain came from! After weeks of seeing 2 different chiropractors, neither one of them bothered to look at my shoes and make the connection to a much bigger problem! YOU on the other hand noticed on my 2nd visit, and asked me HOW OFTEN I wear my 4" high wedge heels. When I told you that was more or less my staple for 5 years at least 6 days a week, you KNEW! YOU KNEW THAT WAS WHY I WAS IN SO MUCH PAIN! BETWEEN my sciatica and lower back. AND you were wise to inform me how bad driving with heels was. As soon as we finished my second session of massage and I put my heels back on, I INSTANTLY FELT THE PAIN in my hip area, which confirmed your theory on heels!! You are brilliant! Or as I have felt in the past, you are a modern day Leonardo Da Vinci! I'm not sure what I would have done without you!! :) So thank you again and I look forward to telling everyone I know and love about you! You are a gift to us!! I NOW know only once in a while will I wear heels to avoid any future pain!!"

John M
"About two years ago I went to the VA to have a sleep study test done. I spent the night at the facility where they hooked me up to the stress monitoring devices. Well, it was discovered that i had Sleep Apnea. This meant that every night I had to sleep with a machine and a tube that blew air through my nose and kept the airway in my throat open to prevent from having a breathing attack. I felt that there had to be another alternative to this. I began to attend massage therapy with Tory which has really made an incredible difference in the way I feel. Massage has really relaxed the muscles in my throat and has made an amazing difference in my breathing. I sing professionally and even my vocal coach has noticed an incredible shift in my voice and my breathing technique. After receiving a Hard Palate treatment my jaw seems more relaxed and tongue feels like it is more flexible. i feel it will improve my vocal ability. Also, I have been using the breathing machine less frequently."

Kim W
"I just took my earrings out. Amazing! I also realized that I never wear my earrings unless it's a special occasion. They are just not really comfortable." "I have to tell you how good I have been feeling since we removed the piercings. My body is still healing I can tell, and it's wonderful (just because of you). Thank you again so much and I will make sure I come to see you soon. Take care."

Darlene :D
"Dear Tory: After taking out my pierced earring I had in thirty years for treatment, I did not want to put them back in after our wonderful head and neck therapy. They just did not seem comfortable anymore and I felt freedom and better energies with them out. It seemed that my body rejected the pierced earrings. Thank you very much Tory."

"Tory. First of all I have to say what a wonderful think it is meeting you . I came to you with some problems, but, you found the core of these problems. Twenty nine years ago I had my belly button pierced - it took a year for it to heal with salt baths. My body was rejecting it at that time and I didn't even realize it. Tory, you had me remove it and my anxiety + pain has almost diminished totally. i can't thank you enough for your care & healing"

"Every visit to Tory is a wonderful learning experience. I was having some discomfort in my left foot especially when doing my early morning walk . Tory started by massaging my foot, moved up the calf & around the knee even working up to the hip. I am aware now that every muscle is connected to another muscle & the body has to be treated as a whole. You can't cure a problem by just working the painful area. I am now pain free, feel better balanced & aligned. Thanks to Tory I am able to do my walks again pain fee."

John McCaffey
"I have been seeing Tory now for almost two years. She has been doing diaphragm work with me and also neck and back massage. It is astonishing how much better I feel. When Tory does a massage, I can feel the energy flowing through my body, every cell seems to be responding to her touch. As a result my energy level has peaked to new heights and I feel a new sense of awareness and peace. Tory is truly a miracle healer. I feel blessed to have her as a mentor on this path of Spirituality. Thank you."

Lethea L
"Hi Tory. A month has passed since my first visit with Tory. My boyfriend went to see her first and was so astonished at finding relief from chronic muscle pain that he scheduled an appointment for me. I am in my early thirties and have always suffered from a pinch between my neck and shoulder blades. I've also had at least three car injuries. After a decade of seeing several chiropractors, physical and massage therapists, I was always told that the pain was in layers and would take several sessions to see results. The pain became a part of life for me. After a session with Tory it was strange for me to sit up and not have that pinch! I forgot what relief felt like and I feel like I've been walking on a cloud since! Tory really is a miracle healer! Thank you Tory!"

Darlene :D
"Dearest Tory: Hello & how are you? Finally woke up for First time in long time w/Energy. Think we had Break through and my Life Force back. Thank you Very much for your Tender Loving Care and Healing Hands. ENJOY your Sunday. Beautiful Day. Much love, Always."

Ann Marie
"Tory, thank you for the wonderful time last night! I feel like a million bucks! My eyes! My face! My being! My everything! I feel fabulous...... so open!" (I did CanioSacral work while she was getting a facial...she had fallen on her nose 50 years ago and just now got relief from the compression...wow! tory)

Dianne & Chuck
"Dearest Tory, You are our Angel. I thank you for your care, concern, love and above all your talents and knowledge in alternative medicine to help my brother. When no one else has been here for Chuck, you have! I thank God every day for you. Forever grateful."

Darlene :D
"DEAREST TORY: How are you? Cannot Thank you enough for your Tender Loving Care and Magical work of Cranial Sacral Therapy. So happy with results. Since my many car accidents up North in Ice and Snow and recent accident in Florida Falling on my head tripping over Firewood on patio you have worked Miracles on my Body and Mind. Breathing more freely, my neck & mind have less tension. Also, my Tail Bone was killing upon rising in morning and it feels So much better. No pain getting out of bed in morning now. I feel more focused, relaxed - Calmer since your Magical Treatments. You are the BEST TORY and looking Forward to next treatment in your Sanctuary. Take GOOD care and Thank you Very much. Much love"

Dania D
"When I first started seeing Tory my intent was to conquer my fear and anxiety I was having. I had pain in my neck, back and shoulders; nothing abnormal. That was six months ago. Tory from the beginning thought it could have something to do with my breast implants being on top of my diaphragm. For six months, once a week, Tory worked on me. To my surprise she was right."

"All my life I have had allergy problems and congestion issues. This year, however, it became intolerable. I came to Tory's practice through observation. My boss who has had a chronic condition for years and making the rounds to different doctors finally seemed to be looking better. I asked him what he was doing differently. He had been seeing Tory for about a month now and was feeling much better. In desperation I made and appointment. I had chronic chest congestion and terrible coughing and wheezing. I couldn't live with it anymore. I took a leap of faith and made an appointment. It's been around three months since I started. She broke up my congestion and opened the passages in my sinuses and chest. I feel well enough to start taking care of myself through exercise and yoga. It has been a miracle in my life to actually have quiet moments with cough free hours. Tory has done what all the specialists could not do. I feel better, look better and am on my way to good health and wellbeing. I am so grateful."

"Since receiving treatments from Tory for the past several weeks, I have begun to feel better and better every week. The initial problem was tingling and soreness in my feet, due to several cases of cellulitis over the past four years; an operation for venous disease in my lower legs and a severe fall. After visits to a number of medical doctors, the problem could not be identified. I was told over and over again that the problem would not be totally cleared up, and I would probably have to live with the soreness the rest of my life. Tory, being a student of the autonomic nervous system and understanding each body part and its function, first tried reflexology (foot) and then moved to the diaphragm, and other points that control the flow of fluids through out the body. She tried multiple massage modalities and found reflexology and Reiki to be very helpful. Reiki is an ancient Chinese technique that adopts the infinite energy in and around all of us. It is spiritual in nature. With Tory's ability to sense what is happening with the body, she feels the energy and the motion within which opens up the fluid flow. This phenomenon has helped my situation greatly, allowing me to walk more naturally, have less pain and give me a sense of overall well being."

"Last time I wrote you I said...I was great. It's hard to believe but you improved upon great.""For close to five years now I have had a problem with my shoulder that I thought was a problem from my car accident. About six months ago a therapist disagreed with me by stating she thought it was something I was doing wrong in the gym. The symptom is pain in my shoulder during and after lifting weights. So, based on the therapist, I reduced the poundage on exercises that used the shoulder directly, lessening the pain, but didn't go away. By not being able to lift the heavier weights I began to lose the muscle gains I had made. Fearing the thought of going to a doctor and being told "Rotator Cuff" I just accepted it as it was, much to my disappointment. I have to tell you...A few treatments ago you stated you found something with my shoulder connected to my back, which would have been from the car accident. You worked it aggressively. Since then I began increasing the poundages in the gym, and guess what? NO PAIN. It is gone. I am regaining the muscle from before and I am lifting even heavier with hopes of more gains. At fifty-two years of age I am now lifting heavier than my college days. Thank you so much for your dedication to what you do. Your constant research and curiosity of the human anatomy puts you leaps and bounds of many in the medical field."

Tim T
"Are you dragged down daily by non-stop pain? Have you had MRIs, seen orthopedists to no avail, and popped prescriptions? Make a smart decision, and make an appointment with Tory Hawkes, clinical massage therapist at Fassage, Alhambra Plaza in Jupiter, FL. I did and discovered pain relief."

Marta G
"I have been living with neck pain since I was in a car accident when I was 17 years old. I can hardly remember a day in my life without pain. I recently started receiving treatment from Tory and she worked her magic on me. Tory has such extensive knowledge of the body and how it works and moves that it was easy for her to pinpoint my pain and know exactly how to treat it. Her passion for what she does pours through her and is reflected in her work. I am now pain free and am so grateful to her."

Nicole M
"The demands of my job as an RN has resulted in years of chronic neck pain leading to migraine headaches. I was referred to Tory Hawkes August 2010 for my first treatment and assessment. It was the first time that I felt my complaints of severe neck pain were validated by a therapist. After assessing my areas of pain Tory tailored a treatment plan specific to my body. She studies regularly to learn more about my specific areas of pain to improve my quality of life. What a gift! After each treatment we review a tailored home stretching program which enables me to lead an active lifestyle. Tory is intuitive, caring, encouraging, professional, and generous. With each visit I feel her healing love through her hands."

Debbie M
"I have been a client of Tory's for the past 10 years. As an athlete I now know the importance of massage therapy on a regular basis. The pains I feel in my neck and shoulders are greatly reduced and I do feel without Tory's treatments I would not be able to participate in the sports that I enjoy. At times I would like to make quicker progress but with Tory's help I am moving in the right direction. I only wish I had started with her sooner that I did."

Nancy B
"Diagnosed with whiplash and cervical disc herniations from a motor vehicle accident in July 2009, I went through nearly a year of traditional physical therapy and acupuncture. With little success in relieving my pain, I began to get depressed and worried that I would need surgery. A friend of mine and client of Tory Hawkes suggested that I try a few lessions with her for cranio-sacral and manual therapy. Following the first week of treatment with Tory, I noticed a significant improvement in not only my symptoms, but also in my overall mental state. I have had enough relief from cervical pain and neurological symptoms which allows me to continue working without surgery. In addition, I know Tory to be someone who honestly takes an interest in her clients' recovery. She is kind and compassionate and spends as much time as needed providing care on a one on one basis in a soothing environment. I wish that I had been under her care sooner!!"

Terri R
"I am a certified diver and underwater photographer. I have been plagued with three to five migraines a month. Through massage I have now gone two months without a single migraine."

Sam M
"My name is Sam M. I am from Zimbabwe, Africa. I play competitive volleyball and play/coach tennis. In 2009 I suffered a shoulder injury limiting my range of motion to about 30 degrees. Thanks to the expertise and extensive knowledge of Tory Hawkes, I was able to resume my sports activities with full range of motion without pain. Again in early 2011 I suffered another shoulder injury in a rugby game which left me in constant pain and with very limited motion. After attempting recovery by visiting an acupuncturist with no results, and trying chiropractic treatments with therapy, with no results, I once again sought Tory's expertise. After three visits with Tory my range of motion has increased dramatically and the pain has subsided significantly. In addition to the physical massage Tory implements many techniques, including specific music in conjunction with Reiki and cranial-sacral energy work in her healing process. In her massage she will refer to an actual replica of the skeletal system to pinpoint insertion and exertion of muscles and nerve routes. She emphasizes a 20% resistance factor in rehabbing muscle injuries. Not only is Tory the best masseuse I have ever visited, she is a true healer in every respect. Her facility is designed to relax, soothe and re-energize the soul. I highly recommend her to anyone suffering physical pain, emotional pain, stress, or just plain fatigue."

Cynthia F.
"Tory recently approached me about reflexology on my feet, as I had a major injury as a child and am really starting to deal with age related pain as I grow older. Last year at a friend's urging I had reflexology done on my feet while on a cruise. The promises of walking on cotton never came to fruition, so I was hoping Tory's touch would provide results. After working on various parts of both feet, the continuous pain in my hip, neck and shoulders seems to have dissipated. Further, my feet have been buzzing with the sensation of circulation all week. I look forward to my next session with eagerness."

Tom T
"I'm writing this letter to speak about the work that Tory Hawkes at Fassage has been doing with me over the past few weeks. I have a case of Lupus among other ailments that I have suffered over the past three years. Due to visits to Tory's place of business, I have been feeling better and realizing the things that are going on in my body. I feel that these visits will help me in the future and give me the opportunity to live a better & healthy life. I'm very happy with the work that Tory has done so far and I look forward to future visits & more good results. In appreciation, Tom Torsiello"

Susan J
"I have always believed reflexology can alleviate aches and pains but with just a couple of treatments with Tory, my neck feels less tense along with my feet! During her reflexology treatments I become so relaxed that my body is in it's "down" time. Not only do I walk out of her room as if I have marshmallows on my feet, but my whole body feels regenerated."

Lauren C
"Since I started going to Tory, she has been able to balance my skin out, help my anxiety, dizziness and breathing issues that have been going on for years. I have gone to every western doctor imaginable to no avail. Last year, I was diagnosed with high levels of mercury which caused hormonal, thyroid, dizziness and lymphatic issues which impacted my skin to a great degree. Tory worked on my lymphatic system to help drain my skin. She also worked on my diaphragm to correct breathing issues which were attributing to anxiety. After treatments, I leave feeling like a new person. My anxiety and dizziness have improved greatly. I have moments where I walk into my appointment crying, and leave revived and present."

Alina Gabriel
"Came in for a brow wax. Had a terrible sinus headache. She did Reflexology on my ears and hands and the headache is completly gone."

Tony S
"My left side feels entirely different. That stuff is powerful. What is it called?"

Lauren C
"It's gone. I rubbed the area where you focused last night (forehead area) and it went away!!!. I feel really good today. I really feel like most of my issues stem from my stomach area. You released a lot of stuff and it really helped. Thank you!!!"

"Tory worked on my calf muscles and my feet as I had always felt that I had pressure in my lower area but never could pinpoint where the pressure was coming from. When Tory worked on the back of my ankle, as well as my calf muscles, I felt an immediate release and a sense of lightness. I noticed my lungs widening which also alleviated any stress or anxiety I may have had. I felt less pressure over all. I am grateful that Tory was able to pinpoint where and how to relieve this pressure."

Clinical Massage addresses specific areas of the body that are causing pain, pinched nerves and restriction.

Deep Tissue, Stretches, Myofascia Release, Trigger Point Therapy, Myoskeletal Alignment are useful modalities treating low back, shoulder and neck pain.

Clinical massage treating fusions and hardware

Infrared Heating Bulb used in massage therapy for injuries and tightness