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“Please I Only Want to Look Normal” by Tory Hawkes – DERMASCOPE November 2002
“Seeing with your Fingers” by Tory Hawkes – DERMASCOPE November 2003
“The Sequence of a Facial” by Tory Hawkes – DERMASCOPE May 2004

The Joy of Creating Beautiful Skin....It's Art

Biology & Chemistry

The Session Includes Trigger Points for the Face

 Deep Cleaning

A deep cleansing & exfoliating targeting corneocytes, cohesion, comedones and milia.  This includes disincrustation, iontophoresis, glycolic enzymes, extractions, high frequency and much more.  This facial targets oil both on the surface as well as the "bumps" beneath the surface. Serums massaged into the skin will feed the deepest layers with much needed hydration and vitamins.  The appropriate mask for you skin will close the pores, seal and protest.  $145   2 1/2 hours.

Collagen Mask


Oxygenating & Hydrating with Collagen Face Mask.  This facial will leave the skin feeling smooth, soft and silky with firmness and tightness. This includes disincrustation, a glycolic peel and enzyme exfoliation and more.  The oxygen mask is fitted to the sin and left to dissolve under steam for fifteen minutes. The Oxygen Serum, Liposome Serum and Hydrogel are massage deep into the skin as the mask dissolves for additional hydration. $150   2 1/2hours

TLC for Problematic Skin

Treatment focus is to calm and kill the overgrowth of bacteria and control oil.  Treatment differs depending on sensitivity and severity of skin condition.  Focus is to restore calmness so that treatment can progress into deeper layers. Balancing the chemistry of the skin is paramount to healing internally.  Nature is the teacher  $145   21/2 hours


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The Sequence of a Facial

Seeing With Your Fingers

Tory Hawkes has been a licensed esthetician for 15 years.  Her involvement in skin care totals 20 years +.  She has worked as a professional makeup artist in theater, photography, marketing, lectures, teaching, promotions, sales and publishing. In Seattle she was hired by a national makeup company to study their store layout and  train their employees in sales, presentation and application. Her transformation of a burn survivor was published in DERMASCOPE  magazine 2002.   As a teen she made her own home skin care products and was fascinated with beauty.  In Seattle she volunteered  with the Look Good Feel Better program and taught and lectured the concept of Color Me Beautiful.  Her passion led her to a local children's hospital where her fun with makeup  brought empowerment and love to those with cancer.  At home an unfinished book lies on the  shelf. If she was to describe herself it would be  "I love to make people beautiful. I understand skin. It talks to me and I listen." Tory is a CIDESCO Diplomat and  studied in Vancouver, B.C., Canada at the DOMINELLI INTERNATIONAL COLLEGE OF ESTHETICS.  She never stops learning.