Knots in Fascia, Feeling Burning or Ice Like

Hurt All Over

Myofascial Pain, Infrared Heating Therapy & Nitric Oxide



John M

"I have been a client of Fassage for the past five years. I can't tell you how much it has made of difference in my life.  I have become so much more relaxed and focused.  It has definitely expanded my consciousness.  Recently I have been introduced to Infrared lighting along with Reiki and massage.This allows more nitric oxide into the muscles.  The results are incredible. I feel like every cell in my body is responding to that treatment.I would highly recommend it to anyone who is interested in expanding their therapy sessions."  


"Infrared light rays provides nitric oxide gas that relaxes and repairs the muscles of the body.  This nitric oxygen gas penetrates deep into the muscles to softens the tissue, move the  lymphatics, stimulate blood flow, release toxins, pain, inflammation and stress. It is amazing how the body changes and becomes stronger and more open. During the treatment you can feel and see the purging of extra fluid in the body moving up to the surface. Clients need to void as well during the session.  I am so grateful that I came upon this tool.  It has brought better health and a better life to those that have suffered from pain." Tory  


Bonnie F

"I have had chronic neck & back pain for well over 3 years now. I have been seeing Tory now for over 2 months or so and she has done some amazing clinical massage on me.  The most recent massage included on aloe plant.  She brushed on water and rubbed the aloe plant all over my body releasing acid toxins from my body and managed to untangle my muscles with the hands of an angel.  She is dedicated to making you feel better and thoroughly cares.  I feel blessed to have found her.  Tight muscles to give me amazing relief.  I would like to highly recommend her to anyone who thinks they are all at loss finding any relief.  She is a true healer."


To find deep "fire" of heat and "ice cubes" of cold deep within the fascia of the body is the most profound understanding of why some individuals hurt all the time. Over the years I have notices that some individuals have very thick skin that is dif icult to massage. The pressure is too strong which makes it difficult for deep tissue work. Most of the time the client will state "lower your pressure". The problem is pressure is fighting against pressure with the client hurting the next day. We are treating this client's tissue in the wrong way. We need to sink in with open fingers to "widen and open" the tissue. This body has no sides.. It has no flexion only extension. It has taken me 15 years to feel this dis-function deep embedded within the body of some individuals. Perhaps this page will enlighten therapists and clients that continue to hurt. It is all about ACID.

I worked on the plantar of a foot this week. it had been numb for three years. The plantar was very compressed and full of knots from the compression of the fascia and muscles causing little space for the nerves to fire. The Archille tendon was short and the Calcaneus bone was surrounded with thick muscles and tendons. My theory was to widen the middle of the plantar. Through the open plantar I would get to the diaphragm through the foot using the location of the diaphragm in reflexology. It worked! The client caught and a sense of "feeling" presented itself. Infrared heating is very promising in therapy when the body is very tight and compressed. Numbness and pain from impinged nerves can be corrected if we assess the presence of myofascial knots at onset of therapy. Too much pressure not enough space. Nerves cannot fire in tissue where there is no nourishment.

Something fascinating happened the other day as I was treating a clients foot.  The plantar was very tight and full of knots. Tiny little knots inside of the sides of the foot. I grabbed the middle of the plantar with my fingers and pulled all the fascia to the side of the foot.  The plantar was very thick due to the tightness inside which made the outside of the body also very tight with lots of pressure. It worked. The client took a deep breath as the diaphragm widened from the pull of the fascia of the middle of the plantar.  To work with an individual that has Fibromyalgia is to address the deep tiny knots embedded deep in the fascia.The most unexpected event was when the pressure released from the joint of the toes that had curled downward.  They had to be ironed flat.  Too many knots in the joints affecting the throat, eyes, ears, sinus and temples.  The release of pressure around the throat was monumental. I used infrared heating bulb to warm up the coldness deep in the fascia. Client felt fabulous with this therapy. She felt lighter, taller and less pull & pressure.  Think out of the box.  Use reflexology as a road map of where you are and where do you want to be. I dripped therapeutic oils down the spine and plantar.  The music was drums with a soft skin.


I decided to place a spot on this page so that anyone who has the symptoms that I am writing about and has questions about the subject can contact me. Recently I read pages and pages of individuals asking for answers of why their body felt like "ice cubes" or " fire".  I treat individuals that have these symptoms.  I was surprised that there were few answers.  I hope I can be of help. Send me an email if you have questions and please specify on the subject "knots".  Tory Hawkes

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