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Taking Massage to a Higher LeveI

The Love of Giving & the Love of Receiving

As a Child I was fascinated with the shape of bones.  I studied the sculpting and felt the life force in each bone.  At the university I was mesmerized with the length of nerves, different shapes of organs, the size of lungs and the articulation of muscles.  I loved it all as I was absorbing the energy of life and downloading the intelligence and Divinity.

Over 16 years my hands have studied, listened, communicated and learned a lesson from each client.  Each client has different needs therefore I incorporate whatever modality is necessary.  I have one massage for each client and that is "Your Massage & Your Needs".  Here are some of the modalities that I include for you...  $145 - $160  3 hour

Clinical Massage/Injuries $145   3 hours
Treatment addresses specific areas of the body that are causing pain or restrictions. Deep Tissue, Stretches, Myofascia Release, Trigger Point Therapy, Reiki, Myoskeletal Alignment, Ultrasound, pinched nerve treatments for neck or low back etc. Certified in Myoskeletal Alignment

Deep Tissue Massage $145   3 hours
For the individual who wants to feel a deeper more effective massage with softening and lengthening of tight overworked muscles. This is the most popular! This massage is fabulous! It will address whatever the body needs to release, relax and find balance. Neuromuscular. Myofascial Release. Reflexology. Stretches. Myoskeletal Alignment. You will feel like a new person!. 

Foot & Leg Massage $145   3 hours
This is a comprehensive massage addressing the plantar fascia, Achilles tendon, ankle, toes, calves and pain from wearing high heel shoes or standing on the feet for a long period of time. Issues with the Sesamoid bone, Metatarsal or other tender areas will be addressed. A paraffin wax dip will soften the tissue before the massage Great treatment for everyone! Great gift certificate! Very popular!

Lymphatic Drainage Massage This massage will put you to sleep! You will feel your entire body in a wave as the lymphatic system is in motion moving unwanted cellular debris toward lymph nodes. This treatment should be done every six weeks to keep the immune system in balance. The focus of LDM is to remove fungus, bacteria, cancer cells, heavy metals, and anything else the body does not want back into the Venus system of circulation. The lymph is moved into the lymph nodes where the macrophages, lymphocytes, leucocytes and T cells are located. Great modality if your body tends to feel bloated.$150   3 hours

Neck & Shoulder Treatment
This is a very comprehensive treatment addressing all the muscles that involve the skull, neck and shoulders. The results are incredible.! Sub occipital of the base of the skull can cause impingement of nerves and blood vessels. The hyoids, flexors of the neck, can cause the feeling of a "lump" in your throat and is involved in swallowing. Sternocleidomastoid the major muscle pulling the neck forward is involved in headaches and migraines. The muscles that flex, rotate and extend the neck are involved with pain, impingement and rotated facets. The muscles of the shoulder are treated along the entire scapula and acromion.   $145   3 hours

Raindrop Technique Massage: 3 hours- $160
Dr. Young's step by step application of his selected therapeutic essential oils for energy alignment, stress relief and harmonious balance of every system in the body. Treatment starts similar to reflexology with the application of essential oils into the spine of the foot. Essential oils are then applied onto the back and into the reflex points of the spine. Fabulous strokes on the back relax and massage the oils into the skin. The finishing touch is a hot pack placed on the back for 10 minutes! This treatment targets the autonomic nervous system and an all over relaxation and well being. It is profound and is based on techniques used by Native Americans!

Reflexology  $150  3 hours
Right & Left foot. Front and back of body. Most comprehensive treatment.
A profound treatment based on Chinese Medicine releasing imbalance and dysfunction within the viscera of the body. All areas of the body can be treated through the nerve pathways of the meridians which run throughout the entire body. This treatment/massage is a must if you have never experienced it! You can actually feel the reflex point being worked on during the treatment. Great gift certificate! I have never seen people get as relaxed as with this treatment. It is so thrilling for me to see this response. If you want to focus on specific areas here is a listing of other offerings: These listings may reflex through the feet, palms or ears. 

Reiki: 3 hours  $150  MASTER
A powerful Japanese relaxation technique that works on the Chakra and Meridians balancing the yin and yang energy that flows around, above and through the body.  Reiki responds differently to each person.  Anything can present that is hidden in the body...emotions, past lives...pain.

Early AM and PM Appointments Available.


by Tory Hawkes

I have been a student of the human body since I was in my teens. I study the skeleton through the eyes of an architect. I analyze the systems and organs through the laws of physics and geometry. I see the nerves much as the roots of a tree and I feel its intelligence through my hands.. Miracles happen when there is a connection between the receiver the giver and the tissue during a massage. The receiver has to let me in... the body has to trust me and I cannot INTERFERE...I am the tool in the tool box.

With my hands I have seen the colors of a rainbow the turbulence and calmness of ocean waves, the lifting of a skyscraper, the opening of a closed book, boulders transforming to sand, torn fabric revitalized, a dry river filling with water, the spinning wheel of emotions and numerous misaligned walls and corners. I have felt grieving, sadness, abuse, anger and fear. The key that opens these doors for transformation is LOVE. All things are possible when the body feels love within. I thank the body for these lessons.

Identical tissue communicating to identical tissue through symbiosis and intent. Simplicity. Knowledge. Listening. Intelligence communicating through sensory nerves at synapses of the giver and the receiver. to be continued. ...Tory