Healers in the Lighthouse



Nothing is more powerful than to bring joy to another human being

To share a smile, a laughter, a touch

To walk into the space this person lives within

A portrait of their style, books and family tree

When a person becomes bedridden the bed becomes the house

The portrait of their style, books and family tree gets lost in sleep and loneliness

With purpose we bring joy and laughter

We are The Healers in the Lighthouse  



The Most Powerful Treatments for the Bedridden

Reflexology  CranioSacral  Manual Lymphatic Drainage   Reiki

These modalidies give internal massage that will address circulation of  blood and body fluids, revitalization of energy, release of toxins, softening of tissue, locations of built-up adhesions, less depression and decrease of pain.  The therapist for this type of work has to understand cellular communication.  The body presents trauma, sadness and grieving by low notes hidden within the tissue.  It also presents dysfunctional motions and fascia restrictions, both physical and energetic, through magnetic fields.  Not every therapist has this awareness or sensitivity.  Healers connect to the vibration of the Divine Intelligence. They resonate at a higher vibration than most people.

These modalities are very powerful treatments that have been performed for many years throughout the world.  They address the autonomic nervous system. Reflexology started in China at 4000 BC.  It was used as surgery. CranioSacral Therapy is now taught in medical schools. Reiki is offered in hospitals. The individual receiving the therapy will sense a calming, soothing and relaxing wave within the  body. Most individuals fall asleep and some continue to sleep for hours after the session.  These therapeutic treatments work on the entire body system addressing the needs of individuals that are bedridden or lie in bed for the majority of the day.

 Revitalizing the body system is the intent of these treatments addressing depression, lack of appetite, sleep problems and pulmonary congestion which are prevalent among those that are bedridden. In my opinion the use of Alternative Medicine in the treatment of disease and the needs of the bedridden will be the greatest advancement in reaching optimal health and body maintenance in the 21st Century. The body talks and we must listen and understand the voice.  Testimonials can be read on this website page "Archives".  Also, read the link below.  Within the first week of three sessions  there was a noticeable improvement. Wow!


Depression Anxiety Trauma

Tissue Maintenance for Those that are Immobile

A Squeeze of the Hand Says I Understand

A Firm Handshake Says I Trust

A Touch on the Arm Guides Me There

A Touch on the Shoulder Says I Care

Human Touch is Words Untold

Its Power Strong and Clear

No Eyes to See

No Ears to Hear

The Honesty is There    Tory


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