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Deborah   Model


Changing the Life of Those in Pain

Jim F
"Hi Tory.  Yes, the pillows great.  Definitively helping me get better sleep.  I'm used to having two different pillows between my legs and would have to line them up.  Every time I turned over I did the same thing.  I'd have to sit up and realign my pillows and then lay down and try to go back to sleep.  This pillow covers from my feet up to my chest so it's much easier to move around at night; helping me to maneuver without having to sit up, setup, move pillows & get reactivated and then go back to sleep.  Definitely worth a try!" 

Jim presented with an L 4,5 Si Fusion.  After therapy we decided to customize a firm body pillow which would stabilize his low back when he slept at night. It made a different in his life.  Never give up.  Someone will always come by and think outside the box.