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Reiki Master
Photography by Shannon S. Rothell

The Key And The Master

I absolutely love what I do. I don't know how else to explain it.  It just feels right to be doing what I do, in the place that I do it;  within an environment surrounded  by nature and the Atlantic Ocean.   Fassage has an energy and presence that is forever changing and growing. It changes with time and with the movement of the planet and its life within. I feel that I was placed here to be its caretaker. When I open the doors in the morning it is as if I am walking into something that wraps around me and I am its student.

Fassage is an interesting place hidden within the Alhambra of Jupiter, FL. Enriched and empowered by the strength of the forest, the wildlife that has found shelter here and the ocean that brings it peace and serenity. Within this environment is an energy that has taught me the power of touch, a power so absolutely amazing that connects us to all things if we only listen.

Love is necessary for the survival of the planet and the survival of man. I feel this every time I touch a person. It is the core of the universe and the core of mankind. When you live within love there is a heightened awareness of different energy fields.  A feeling of strength and power.

My blessings for mankind is to give back that which we have borrowed and rebuild and enrich that which we have depleted. Take not that which cannot be replaced.  Leave behind a footprint of your life to enrich future generation.

Fassage has grown into a musical amphitheater with its open spaciousness. The rectangular high ceiling  allows the musical notes to dance with richness and layering similar to that of a concert hall where one is mesmerized by passion, color, energy and unity. Time stands still. It is the all-knowing.